If you aren’t a fan of coffee, or you just don’t find the harsh jolt of espresso pleasant in the morning, here are some other sources of caffeine to help you start your day.


Green Tea - Sean Koetting

Photo by Sean Koetting

Hot teas are available in a wide array of flavors and caffeine content. Some, like TAZO Awake, are made specifically to provide energy and caffeine as an alternative to hot coffee.

Starbucks VIA & Refreshers Drinks


Photo By Kathryn Stouffer

Starbucks now carries caffeine alternatives to their traditional brews. VIA packets and Refresher canned drinks allow you to drink an energizing, fruity tea blend on the go.



Photo By Kathryn Stouffer

Although this crispy, juice filled fruit has zero mg of caffeine, the crunch and high sugar content will definitely get your brain juice flowing.



Photo By Kathryn Stouffer

Dark chocolate. Hot chocolate. Chocolate milk. Chocolate candy. Chocolate powder. Chocolate syrup. You name it. If it’s chocolate, it’s going to provide you with some energy-boosting caffeine.


Although I don’t want to recommend drinking soda, many varieties including Coke, Root Beer, and Mountain Dew provide you with a significant amount of caffeine. The health-nut in my head suggests only consuming soda in dire circumstances, but if you start studying for your 8 am test at 10 pm the night before–consider grabbing a soda.

Coffee alternatives

Don’t like liquid coffee? How about a softer, creamier version? Blue Bell Coffee ice cream is smooth with a thick texture and light flavor that will keep you full, as well as energized.

Another sweet, caffeinated treat to try is chocolate-covered espresso beans. This powerful little bean packs a big punch with the concentrated caffeine from espresso and dark chocolate. Warning: they might make you a little too crazy to accomplish any actual schoolwork, but pop a few on Friday night and you are guaranteed to be the life of the party.

So whether you’re tired of your mundane cup of joe, or are looking for something tastier to satisfy your caffeine cravings, the above options will hopefully do the trick.

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