I can't think of the last time I rolled out of bed with a smile on my face; Unless we're counting childhood days when I had no concept of time. Besides that, waking up early is rough, and becoming a morning person isn't something that'll happen over night. 

Nothing is worse than setting seven different alarms to make sure you don't miss that 8 a.m. Practicing one or a few of these habits could make morning times a lot easier than you'd imagined. Here are ten different ways you can become a morning person.

1. Oil Pulling

Claire Waggoner

No, this isn’t a “don’t brush your teeth” card, but it does help with morning breath. Oil pulling is the act of swishing about a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth on an empty stomach. This method is used for the benefits of detoxifying the body, freshening the breath, and whitening teeth.

There are many different oils to choose from when oil pulling, so don't think you're limited. Their many benefits will give you that morning boost you need while leaving your breath smelling like the tropics. 

2. Working Out

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Alison Weissbrot

This may not seem like a given to most, but if working out is something you do soon after you wake up, it's believed that you would have a better day. 

Getting the blood flowing this early is bound to give you energy and help with restlessness. However, doing an intensive work-out should probably wait until later in the day. It would be easier to do cardio or weight training this early.

3. Vibing to Your Favorite Music

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Janele Morgan

Music is proven to provoke emotion in people, so listening to something you enjoy early in the A.M. may put you in an unusually good mood. Depending on the tone you plan to set for your day, the music you listen to after you wake up can help achieve that.

4. Prepare Your Outfit The Night Before

Janele Morgan

Instead of taking thirty more minutes out of your agonizing morning to find something to wear, why not spend that time sleeping? If you check the weather and prepare an outfit the night before, you can spend more time in bed or doing something you’d normally spend time rushing to get through; like cooking.

5. Mentally Plan Your Breakfast

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Janele Morgan

While in bed before you fall asleep, visualize what’s in your fridge and kitchen, then plan a breakfast meal in your head so you can start your day on the right track. Missing breakfast can throw off your entire day, so anticipating that meal may aid you in getting up earlier to make sure you don’t faint later in the day because Starbucks only last for so long.

6. Try to Wake Up Earlier

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Janele Morgan

Setting an alarm an hour before class may be the norm, but it’s not very beneficial to starting a good day. When you rush to get dressed, brush your teeth, feed yourself, and gather your belongings, it can be brain-wrecking. To avoid that, try setting an alarm forty to fifty minutes before you would usually wake up, just to give yourself some extra time to mentally prepare for the day.

7. Drink A Glass of Water

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Janele Morgan

If you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, it allows your body to wake up with your mind. Drinking water can give an instant feeling of energy, even though it seems like something so minuscule. This can be a morning booster, especially if you don’t want caffeine but need a fix.

8. Meditate

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Janele Morgan

Taking a moment to yourself in the morning can really help with getting your day started. Doing a few breathing or visualization exercises moments after you wake up will set the mood for your entire day. Allowing your mind to take a breather before you dive into your hectic life, can help you tackle more tasks in a less stressful manner.

9. Set a Routine

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Janele Morgan

After you find the habits that work best for you in the morning, begin to set a routine so your body can get use to getting up earlier and starting the day in that fashion. Staying consistent is important when setting a solid routine. Once your mind anticipates it, it becomes easier for you to become that morning person you’ve always yearned to be.

10. Relax

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Janele Morgan

The most important factor when it comes to being a morning person is giving yourself time. Despite what you do in the morning, if you’re rushing to get it done, you’re bound to fail somewhere. Taking your time and relaxing in the morning can help you feel more at ease throughout your day, and little more productive.

Personally, after trying these techniques, I can vouch and say mornings are something I look forward to. Yes, it can be difficult to get started but that is the hardest part. Now all you night owls can learn to love the morning as much as you hate it.