Breakfast doesn’t always take priority for college students, especially when your alarm gets ignored and you’re forced to sprint to class. So how bad is it to skip the reputedly most important meal of the day? Here are the facts:

1. Research has shown that skipping breakfast is linked to health issues such as high blood pressure, memory loss, and being overweight.

2. Eating breakfast can give you more energy to make it through your day.

3. Skipping breakfast can lead to eating unhealthier and larger portions later in the day. Huffington Post Healthy Living reports, “In this case, breakfast just happens to co-exist with health rather than cause it.”


Photo courtesy of Maddie Rubenstein


So, if the link between breakfast and health benefits is a correlation, not a causation, ultimately, whether or not to eat breakfast is up to you. Between breakfast smoothies and getting fancy with grown-up-style childhood breakfasts, breakfast isn’t simply a chore, but a treat. Breakfast for one? There’s an option for that too (hint: single serving pancakes). The real question to be asked here is if you really want to give up a meal with such a wide range of options.

Easy and Fast Pancake Recipe

Photo by Agnes Chen

In a rush? Check out these lightning fast breakfast recipes to get your day rockin’ and rollin’. Seriously, don’t skip it, for the sake of your tastebuds’ enjoyment.