Hiring season is around the corner and now is the time to begin refreshing LinkedIn, searching for job postings, and buying that professional looking interview outfit you will probably never wear again. Impressing employers with food, man, that places you at a whole other level of strategic awesomeness. Here are some ways that you can do just that, and you're welcome in advance. 

1. Creative Resume

beer, coffee
Dannah Strauss

Nowadays, employers are swimming in pools of applications that literally look the same, so take this situation and make it to your advantage. 

Spice up your resume with personalized touches related to the company that you're applying to. For example, some people have rewritten their resume to mirror nutritional labels on food packaging while others have sent employers a grocery bag of the employer's favourite foods (with each food item tagged with their qualifications). Crazy but genius, no?

2. Bake, a lot

cookie, chocolate, cream, ice, cake, ice cream, sandwich, dough
Hunter Siegrist

Baking cookies can take you a long way. If you are currently doing an internship with a company and are seeking to stay, baking is a must-have skill. 

First of all, it establishes a presence and that's super important in a cut throat environment. Second, everyone loves free food, and employers are no exception; they will be very happy to know that their favourite chocolate chip cookies will be freshly made and waiting in the break room every Monday. Third, it provides some common ground and helps you start your first conversations.  

3. 100 cups of coffee

coffee, cappuccino, milk, espresso, mocha, cream
Gabby Phi

No, don't go overboard, but do invite your employer or potential employer out for coffee. Coffee is commonly known as the social binding agent. In fact, most deals are not made in a meeting room but rather over a cup of coffee, so use this to your advantage.

Going out for coffee is a great networking opportunity while being less daunting, so it's a good way for your employer to really know you and you to know them. However, dress to impress as employer's will appreciate at least a little bit of professionalism. 

4.  Go to Social Events 

beer, pizza, wine
Sophie Clingan-Darack

Please don't skip out on a corporate dinner or company lunch. Not only are you wasting an opportunity to network with your employer, but it also leaves a bad impression. Plus, it's a free meal, so why not.

At these social events that companies host, the professional barrier between the employer and you tends to be lower, making it easy to talk to them, letting you get one step closer to advancing your career.

5. Know Where Free Food Is

cocktail, vodka
Emma Noyes

Use your unfair advantage like this guy and it will take you to places. Again, consider the human flaw: everyone loves free food. Be the food person in your circle and leverage that knowledge to network with others. And hey, don't underestimate free food, it makes a hella good conversation starter.