It’s finals week, and you have more work than there are hours in the day to do it. And the only time to get it done is…night. To keep you awake and alive during those late night hours, here are some tasty ways to make you hate your life a little less.

1. Eat Breakfast

To have enough energy to sustain yourself through the night, you first have to tackle the day. Prepare yourself the right way by having a full breakfast, complete with protein and fiber to keep you buzzing through your hours of studying. Try eggs with fruit and toast or whole grain cereal with banana and yogurt. These combos will keep you from feeling sluggish and will help the productive juices flow when the sun goes down.

2. Peppermints

The minty taste of peppermint actually helps to make the brain more alert, and the sucking (or chewing…gum also works) gives your body an outlet to get rid of some of its nervous energy. The little bit of sugar is just enough to give you a boost, but not enough to make you crash after. Plus, the fun colors are festive and can help serve as a reminder that winter break is coming; there is light at the end of the tunnel, christmas lights to be exact.

3. Water

One of the most important parts of staying awake is staying hydrated! No matter what else you’re doing, eating or drinking, make sure to have a water bottle at your desk with you. Drink from it periodically and when you’re starting to feel a bit drowsy—this will help to prevent you from falling asleep and will keep your body working hard. Don’t forget to refill frequently! The colder the water is, the more ready to work you will feel after sipping. Or, try cold coconut water for a super-hydrating alternative.

4. Caffeine

As important as water is, a list of foods and drinks that help you stay awake would not be complete without caffeine. Coffee has the most caffeine per ounce, but vending machine favorites like soda, especially highly caffeinated varieties like Mountain Dew, Monster or Red Bull, have just as much stay-awake power. However, be careful with these extremely caffeinated options, as drinking them by themselves can lead to a nasty crash after the effects wear off. Make sure to drink at least as much water as caffeine, particularly when choosing from these selections. Or, try green or black tea for a refreshing pick-me-up without the inevitable buzz or crash of extreme caffeine. Even better if you add a squirt of lemon for a jolt of citrus energy.

5. Produce

Be sure to stock up on snacks for a late night of studying. Being awake for any amount of additional hours may cause hunger, and succumbing to the tantalizing snack options of the library basement will more likely lead to a blissful slumber than steadfast studying. Try an apple for a dose of crisp, fibrous energy with just a hint of sugar, or bring some crunchy vegetables to nibble on. If you’re not allergic to nuts, having some peanut butter will give you some much needed protein to keep your brain prepared to study. Or at least as prepared as a brain can ever be for such a torturous act…

Studying for finals is miserably, but by being prepared with these tasty tricks you can make the unbearable tolerable. Now go kill your exams!

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