Sick of trying scrambling to your first class, not having time to make breakfast, and then sitting there starving as you stare at that red digital clock in the back of the room? Well, mornings like these will come to an end this semester because Juice Laundry is about to make your life way easier, healthier, and happier starting in the Fall of 2017.

Juice Laundry is Charlottesville's favorite smoothie bar, offering the best cold pressed juices and acai bowls University of Virginia students can find. The only problem with Juice Laundry, besides its sometimes lengthy line, is that it is located at 722 Preston Ave, which is a trek from Grounds unless you're already in the car.

The big news of the century is that both of these problems are being alleviated, and fresh organics will be readily available on the way to class with the opening of Juice Laundry's new location.

So, what's the big news?

Well, drumroll, please. Juice Laundry will be opening up a new store on the Corner. Yes, you heard that right, the Corner. And, Juice Laundry now offers a pre-ordering system online that allows you to skip the line, and grab and go before class.

But, where will this new location be?

The new Juice Laundry location will be right next to the famous, and infamous, White Spot, so all your nutrients, both day and night, can basically be consumed within 100 square feet of each other. 

This is the ultimate game changer for the corner, and if you've ever had the CB&J, you will definitely agree. With a ridiculous amount of options, there is something for everyone. Don't stress... If you're already overwhelmed by the menu, here is your guide to all things JL.

Now you can order when you wake up, get ready for your day, and pick up a quick smoothie or bowl on the way to class. No more being starving and late to class, or at least just the starving part because I'm not sure how much this will really help the lateness.

But, anyways, make sure to place that order ahead of time because starting summer 2017 the new Juice Laundry line will guaranteed be out the door, and you definitely don't want to miss any of these awesome JL concoctions.