Charlottesville is known for its extensive list of amazing restaurants, and pizza spots prove to be no exception. Although New York will always be the capital of pizza in my heart, I have found that Charlottesville has given my NYC favorites some serious competition. Yes, Chicago natives, I would even argue that C'ville's 'za gives deep dish a serious run for its money.

Now, after consulting friends, students, locals and my stomach alike, I have established six must-try Charlottesville pizza hotspots that surely should not be overlooked. From the perfect late-night snack to slices bigger than the average ruler, C'ville pizza is sure to please.

So, with that, here are six pizza places the put Charlottesville on the map:

6. Mellow Mushroom

Located conveniently on the Corner, Mellow Mushroom’s hippy-inspired ambiance makes for a great place to go out for pizza with a group of friends. If you are looking for even more incentive to try Mellow's Pizza, attend their famous "Trivia Night" on Wednesday's or head on over Tuesday night's for "Pint Night" where a pitcher of beer is just $10.

Beware, this pizza is fairly greasy, but despite this minor downfall, Mellow Mushroom serves up some pretty impressive pizza pies, especially for a national chain.

#SpoonTip: order the pretzels. Think pizza dough, mustard and marinara sauce. Does it get much better than that?

5. Benny's Deluca's

Benny Deluca’s is famous for their absolutely massive pizza: we're talking a 28 inch wide pie. Coming from New York, I thought I had seen the largest slice of pizza possible, but Benny’s sets the bar at a whole new level. Available by the slice or as entire pies, Benny’s huge portions are perfect for splitting with your friends on a night when you want to order in.

If you are looking for a real pizza challenge, Benny's offers $500 to those who eat an entire pizza in under an hour. You heard me right, five-hundred dollars. Game on.

4. Christian's Pizza

Perhaps the most well-known pizza in Charlottesville, or at least according to my fellow wahoos, Christian's is a late night favorite among UVA students. You can't go wrong with any of Christian's seemingly countless choices, but I would recommend trying their infamous tortellini pizza or a slice of the avocado, tomato and feta because, yes, putting avocado on pizza most definitely makes it healthy.

Unfortunately, Christian's doesn't accept credit cards for orders under $5, so you will either have to take one for the team and order more than one slice or remember to bring cash when you're leaving the pregame.

3. Crozet Pizza

Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar is the convenient Corner location of the original restaurant out in Crozet. Their doughy crust is superior to most options available in Charlottesville and serves as the perfect compliment to any of their signature drinks.

While the types of pizza they offer may be more limited than other restaurants, these classic favorites are all guaranteed to please. The overall atmosphere and outdoor seating make it the optimal Corner restaurant to grab dinner and drinks (I recommend trying the Fresh Zen) with a few friends or a large group.

2. Fry's Spring Station

Due to its location, the only true regulars to Fry’s are the first-year Gooch-Dillard residents. However, this former service station serves some of the best pizza in town.

Their personal pizzas are deliciously mouthwatering, but Fry’s also has an impressive selection of salads, paninis, and pasta. Definitely one of the most underrated spots in Charlottesville, this pizza is definitely worth the trek down JPA.

1. Lampo Pizzeria

Lampo, without a doubt, serves the highest quality pizza in Charlottesville, with a wood burning oven that makes pies that taste like they came straight from Italy. The restaurant itself is about the size of any first-year dorm room, but seating doubles during the warmer months when they have outdoor tables and rumor has it the restaurant is expanding.

This extra seating is definitely necessary, as the wait to get a table can sometimes be longer than an hour, but I promise the wait is most definitely worth it. Despite what can seem like a long wait, Lampo Pizzeria is arguably one of the best restaurants in Charlottesville and hands down the best pizza

Still not convinced? You get to cut your pizza with a huge pair of scissors. Yes, you heard that right, scissors. Could eating pizza get much better?

Charlottesville offers a pizza place for everyone, so next time you're craving some 'za, be sure to head to one of these must-try spots. Instead of calling College Inn for your go-to order of cheesy bread, step it up and visit one of these restaurants. You won't be disappointed.