Have you ever wanted to simultaneously help the environment and eat pizza? Same. And now we can, thanks to Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY. Owner and pizza-genius Sean Berthiaume has created a pizza box made out of pizza.

Why has this not been thought of before?

pizza box

Photo courtesy of @vinniesbrooklyn on Twitter

Sean eloquently describes his masterpiece as a “fluffy Sicilian pizza that forms the pizza box,” with a smaller pizza pie of your choice nestled inside. Spurred on by boredom one day at his shop, Sean got his creative juices flowing and produced the edible pizza box as a way to decrease the amount of cardboard pizza box waste his pizzeria generates.

pizza box

Photo courtesy of vinniesbrooklyn.com

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Vinnie’s Pizzeria. Last year, Sean debuted a pizza on top of a pizza, adding the term cheeseception to our vernacular and relating to food-lovers everywhere.

#SpoonTip: Every Friday, Vinnie’s has by-the-slice gluten-free pizza, like this pizza-topped slice below!

pizza box

Photo courtesy of @bitchesbeglutenfree on Instagram

It doesn’t stop there. Vinnie’s is pumping out other delicious creations like chocolate chip french toast pizza and holiday-themed slices on their Bob’s Burgers-esque menu boards.

pizza box

Photo courtesy of specialbored.tumblr.com

So if you’ve got $40 and a dream, you can make Vinnie’s pizza pizza box yours today and save the planet while doing it! Enjoy it at their Williamsburg shop, carry it out in tinfoil, or, for you lazy pizza-lovers out there, get it delivered right to your door.