It’s Days on the Lawn season, meaning Grounds are filled with high schoolers and their families, armed with name tags and drawstring bags.

Although it’s annoying that Newcomb is so hectic come lunchtime and the families milling around don’t make rushing from New Cabell to Clark any easier, these prospective Hoos are the future of our school and deserve to know why UVA is the best school around.

So if your younger sibling, cousin or high school friend comes to Days On The Lawn and wants you to give them the scoop on UVA, sing its praises over a meal at one of these spots on the Corner. Despite everything our school has to offer, the food alone will make it impossible to turn down Charlottesville.

Roots Natural Kitchen

the corner

Photo by Nisha Gupta

Although unhealthy fast food restaurants are notorious for being popular on college campuses, Roots Natural Kitchen is a healthy outlier to this trend. They just released new breakfast options, but Roots gained popularity for its salads and grain-based bowls made with fresh ingredients.

Have your prospective student make their own creation or pick a tried-and-true signature bowl (which can be reimagined as the boys they’ll date in college).

My personal favorite is the Mayweather — chicken, sweet potatoes, avocado and goat cheese with a base of kale.

Bodo’s Bagels

the corner

Photo by Juliet Paterek

Bodo’s Bagels is a UVA staple. Don’t let your potential student get psyched out by the huge line because it moves quickly and leads to a bagel sandwich that is well worth the wait. Bodo’s offers a variety of bagel and cream cheese flavors, as well as breakfast and lunch bagel sandwich options.

Their extensive menu makes it easy to customize a sandwich to your liking. You can’t go wrong with a bacon, egg and cheese or their honey-pecan cream cheese.

#SpoonTip: Stock up on Bodo’s hacks to hand off to your future Hoo.

Marco & Luca Dumpling Store

the corner

Photo by Camille Shuken

Dumplings are a hot commodity among UVA students (see the line outside the dumpling truck on Grounds on any given weekday), so take your future UVA student to Marco & Luca Dumpling Store on the Corner for dinner (or a 2 am snack…). Once they try the dumpling sauce, they’ll be hooked.

Christian’s Pizza

the corner

Photo courtesy of @hollybfox on Instagram

Christian’s Pizza is the perfect price range for a college student at $2.00 – $4.75 a slice. With toppings ranging from avocado and feta to tortellini, Christian’s will fulfill any pizza craving. (Yes, pizza topped with pasta is real. And it’s delicious.)

Boylan Heights

the corner

Photo by Coco Van der Wolk

Boylan may be better known for its night scene, but be sure to hit it up during the day for burgers, milkshakes and fries. Create your own sandwich using Boylan’s scantron, or choose a creation on the Dean’s List.

I recommend the Foreign Exchange burger (topped with a grilled pineapple) and sweet potato fries. Of course, add a milkshake, because sometimes you gotta treat yo’ self.

Arch’s Frozen Yogurt

the corner

Photo courtesy of Arch’s Frozen Yogurt on Facebook

I usually roll my eyes at the suggestion of frozen yogurt and reach for the Ben & Jerry’s instead, but Arch’s Frozen Yogurt is the real deal for any dessert-lovers out there.

At Arch’s you can create your typical fruity concoction with cereal, granola, fresh fruit and coconut, or opt for a more decadent creation with cookie dough, peanut butter cups and chocolate sauce. You can even consider what you and your prospective Hoo’s concoctions say about your personalities.

Also, don’t pass up the gooey brownie topping — if that doesn’t convince your high school senior to stay in Charlottesville, nothing will.

Little John’s

the corner

Photo courtesy of @sarahabogabir on Instagram

Every college needs a go-to sandwich spot, and UVA’s is Little John’s. It offers classic options, like reubens and meatball subs, and more adventurous fare, like the Pepper Parmesan Turkey. If you’re craving something healthier, Little John’s has vegetarian options, flatbreads and salads.