Naples is known for being the pizza capital of the world. However, Italy is a little far to venture out to just to grab some real pizza. Luckily for us ‘hoos, Charlottesville is home to the next best thing.

For most broke college kids, pizza is so worshipped that it is even considered to be its own food group. Unfortunately, the dining halls’ creations don’t always meet certain expectations. And we all know that ordering Dominoes on the weekends can get tiring after awhile, and even begin to overwhelm you with guilt and a feeling of a lazy bum.

If you are feeling adventurous enough to go out of your pizza comfort zone and want to treat yourself, check out Lampo’s Neapolitan Pizzeria.

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Lampo is one of Charlottesville’s finest restaurants that serves the true Italian traditional type of pizza. It is where original Italian food is perfectly blended with a modern atmosphere. The place itself is small and has a limited number of tables but it offers a cozy and rustic feel.

Introducing the new patio at Lampo! Open starting tomorrow! #eveningsinBelmont #pizzaonapatio #maybelessofawait?

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What sets Lampo apart from other local pizza places is its use of a wood-fired oven. This gives the pizza a better and more authentic taste. Not to mention it is faster for cooking purposes, so you get to chow down quicker.

And if you eat here, you will be part of this new pizza-making trend as it’s becoming more popular in restaurants all over the United States.

Another cool thing is that Lampo gives its customers the job to cut their own pizza using pizza scissors. Freedom. Oh yeah.

Hands down best pizza in cville. Get in here. @lampo_pizza #cville #neopolitan #pizzeria #abruzzo

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As for choosing a pizza, you can never go wrong with the classic Margherita. We all know and love those prime ingredients of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil. But you must know that  Lampo also offers other great selections.

Its “Abruzzo” pie (as featured above) is made of timbercreek organics pork and beef meatballs, fiore di latte, san marzano tomatoes, pecorino and basil.

A bonus is Lampo’s “zeppole,” aka the Italian donut. They are filled with ricotta and coated in cinnamon.

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If you are not in the mood for pizza, don’t worry. Lampo offers other unique small dishes so be sure to come with a hungry and up-for-anything stomach.

So excited for this baby octopus salad on the specials menu tonight! #Lampo #searzall #Belmonteatswell #downmarketfare

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Get on over to Lampo and mangia, mangia.