Formerly known as Para Coffee, Grit Coffee is the only place you should be studying this finals season. Located across from Crozet Pizza and just down the street from Take It Away, Grit Coffee is nestled in an old house, the perfect setting to sit down and study.

Though Alderman and Clem may seem like the places to be come December, they most definitely are not. If you want to be surrounded by stressed students and bad coffee, go to a library, but if you want to feel cool while preparing to ace your exams, head on over to Grit.

So, if you aren’t already convinced, here is why Grit Coffee should be your go to finals study spot:

The coffee.

sry but I had to do it again because we still love lattes // #ruleofthirds

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First, Grit, hands down, brews the best coffee on The Corner. Sorry Starbucks… You may be trying to bribe us all with those controversial ombré cups, but the ceramic mugs at Grit will always come out on top.

You know Grit is legit when your latte takes more than 45 seconds to make. The baristas actually steam fresh milk for every order, and you can watch them pour the to-die-for cold brew right from the glass jug.

If you aren’t a coffee person (which you will be after ordering Grit’s iced coffee), they offer a variety of iced and hot teas along with local cider and fruit smoothies.

The food.

When you realize you have been studying for seven hours straight and haven’t eaten anything since that unsatisfying Newcomb salad, don’t worry… Grit’s got you covered.

Their baked good case is filled with Sweethaus cupcakes and cookies and maybe the best scones I’ve ever had. If you are looking for something more than a baked good, Grit still has you covered. Offering life changing oatmeal and Brazos Tacos tacos, you can easily spend all day at Grit with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

The tables.

Grit Coffee Finals Study Spot

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When writing that twelve-page research paper for that class you skipped more than you attended this semester, never fear… Every table is within charging distance of an outlet. In addition, you will be able to comfortable spread out your lap top, planner, textbooks and coffee without having to perform a circus clown balancing act on a minuscule round table.

#SpoonTip: There is a whole room of tables upstairs.

Upon walking into Grit, you may be bummed that every table is full. But, there is an entire room of tables upstairs that you would never know about unless, of course, you are reading this article or spend more time exploring than I did the first six times I studied here.

The staff.

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Even if you think you can stay focused for three hours and do nothing but work, you can’t. When you need a distraction, go talk to a barista. They are all the most interesting, friendly people.

Unlike the stressed students at Clem, the baristas will make your studying far more pleasant. One day, mid study break, I learned about power diving (basically, scuba diving without a tank). Fascinating.

Anyways, the staff is the best, and when you are ordering your third latte of the day, they will not judge you for your caffeine addiction.

The music.

Grit Coffee Finals Study Spot

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We all strive to make the perfect study playlist. If you are anything like me, you are physically incapable of grouping an appropriate list of songs. Thankfully, Grit plays the best music, so you won’t have to waste valuable study time searching for the perfect song.

If we are being honest here, I am guilty of shazaming a generous number of songs and then creating a playlist titled ‘Grit’. #SpoonTip: I’ve never gotten more compliments on a playlist.

Just in–sweet new @gritcoffee mugs to purchase starting this Saturday! #Cville #coffee #uva2015 #howilocal

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Although I am hesitant to tell you to pack up your backpack and head on over to Grit because I don’t want you stealing my favorite table by the window, you really should leave the windowless library behind and study here.

Do yourself and your sanity a favor… Bring your books to Grit Coffee and study like a pro.