Every college students has probably been through this struggle. You eat dinner, go to the library and an hour in, you are already hungry again, but you can’t leave because you don’t want to lose your precious table.

Here are those stages of hunger as told by the hottest man alive and based on my true story.

Arrive at the library

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You get there with so much motivation and a full stomach.

You find the perfect table

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You are lucky enough to find the table right by the window with the comfy chairs open and you feel like everything is right in the world.

Playlist and social media time

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Before you can start studying, you need to get a good playlist going and catch up on your social media. Duh. Priorities.

Alright, time to study

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30 minutes in and it’s time to download the study guide.

You need a study break

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The study guide is too long, you were so productive downloading it so you reward yourself by reading some kickass food blogs.

Okay, back to studying

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After a short self-pep talk, you don’t know if you should laugh or cry.

Are you bored or hungry?

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You can’t seem to concentrate and all you can think of is food, so you try to distract yourself.

You should just go to bed

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You start thinking that coming to the library is never a good idea and you are just hungry and miserable so might as well call it quits.

You should’ve brought more snacks

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You remember you took some dining hall goods, so you eat them in seconds.

You can’t concentrate, your stomach is too loud

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Those snacks were not enough. Is it normal to be hungry 100% of the time?

Text your friends

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Anyone wanna order food with me? Pretty please.

Send a massive Snapchat asking for food

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You decide to send a ridiculously ugly picture, showing a triple chin because at this point nothing matters and you caption it “someone please save me.”

You see other people in the library eating

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Oh, the smells. Would it be weird if I ask them for some food? They have an entire bag of chips, they should share the love.

You see some acquaintances

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Some people you aren’t really friends with offer you some weird healthy snack.

Your friends decide to join you in the library

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And they show up with no food #rude.

You go to the library’s café

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You’re too late and it’s closed because why would it be open late at night when people are actually in the library?

You give up

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Pizza > an A in class. C’s get degrees anyways, right?

Your friends decided they are also hungry

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Just when you start packing your bag, your friends decide they’re also hungry.

The negotiation begins

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They say no to pizza, but maybe Insomnia Cookies.

You check the time again

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You’ve been in the library for 3 hours and you are so proud of yourself for trying so hard.

Time to leave

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You and your friends agree on ice cream because 3 hours is enough. It’s time to go eat dinner 2.0. Peace out, library world.