A staple of most college kids' diets, fries come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It would be difficult to find a city, let alone a campus, devoid of the delicious golden potatoes

But, not all fries are created equal. Some are thin and crispy while others are thick and soft. Still, others are curly, wavy, wedges, coated in cheese or seasoned.

After much deliberation and debate, with more than a few sides of fries, here is a set ranking of the types of French fries, from worst to best.

7. Soggy, Overcooked Fries

Objectively the worst kind of fry is one that is soft and bendy with a distinct sheen of oil. Not only is the texture off-putting, but the taste is acrid. No matter what stage of drunchies you're in, don't subject yourself to eating these.

6. Steak Fries

While steak fries are great on their own, in the overall ranking they fall a little short. They never get crispy enough and after about three fries, you don't want any more of the doughy potato side.

5. Curly Fries

Curly fries are some of the prettiest fries out there, but they don't stack up in the taste category. Not only do they have that awkward flaking, but they also are never really crispy enough.

4. Krinkle-Cut Fries

This is that fry as a kid you used to beg your mom to buy while you were in the freezer section of the grocery store. They would be higher on the list, but unfortunately, they're usually oven-baked and missing some of that deep-fried amazingness.

3. Seasoned Fries

Sometimes just a little salt isn't enough. Seasoned fries add a little something extra to the experience. The downside to this is that these fries can get very salty or generally just hard to eat because of how strong the seasoning is.

2. Waffle Fries

This style combines the best of both worlds in that it has holes and edges for crispiness but also is large enough to minimize the need to reach back into the basket for more. Plus, they're great for scooping sauces or providing a platform for melted cheese.

1. Traditional Fries

For all the many wonderful ways to make a French fry, nothing beats the traditional cut. Crispy, long and warm, these can be dunked in any sauce and still have that great crunch. Whether you grab a handful, stack them inside a burger or just snag one, traditional fries are ultimately the best out there.

So next time you're craving that starchy, salty bite, consider your options and make sure that you choose the optimal fry.