Lately, I've been binging on HGTV. I mean, can you blame me when there's pretty much a show for everyone? From likable hosts to beautiful architecture and decor, HGTV has it all. But what about us foodies? After sitting through hours of the channel, I've come up with some inspiration for us food-loving HGTV fans. So snuggle up, turn on the TV, and grab a snack based on your favorite HGTV show.

1. Fixer Upper - Red Velvet Cake

cream cheese, buttercream, chocolate, cream, cupcake
Shelby McLennan

Red velvet cake is a Southern classic, and just right for fans of the Texas-based Fixer Upper. As a Southern native, I have to tell you red velvet is pretty dang sweet, but then again so is Chip and Jo’s relationship. Fans of Fixer Upper love their hosts just as much as they love the premise (if not more). On top of that, Joanna is an avid baker and has her own version of red velvet on sale at her bakery, Silos Baking Co.!

2. Flip or Flop - Baklava

cream, strudel, sweet, baklava, cake, pie, pastry
Shelby McLennan

The Flip or Flop hosts often struggle with turning run-down houses back into functional, structurally sound pieces, which also appear chic and stylish. In the same vein, baklava is an attractive, layered dessert. The best baklava won’t just fall apart once you cut into it either. Also, similar to how Christina has several different styles that she enjoys using to decorate, baklava also has several variations that all complement the base recipe.

3. Property Brothers - Chicken and Waffles

cake, sweet, pastry, bread
Shelby McLennan

Separately, fried chicken and waffles are already pretty fantastic. But the real magic happens when you bring the two dishes together, which is similar to Jonathan and Drew's dynamic. Drew takes care of all of the real estate business for their clients, laying the foundation of the show, just how the waffle lays down the foundation for the fried chicken. Then that would make Jonathan the fried chicken, finishing the job by making the house look beautiful.

4. House Hunters - Small Plates

beef, truffle
Shelby McLennan

If you’re a fan of House Hunters, then you probably like a little variety in your life. I’d recommend checking out some small plates, in that case! Small plates allow you to try a variety of dishes without having to commit to one huge entrée. House Hunters also has several spin-offs, so you can check out tapas if you’re more a fan of House Hunters International, or maybe some tiny dishes if you prefer Tiny House Hunters. No matter how many small plates you order, however, you’re always going to have one that you love above the rest.

5. Love It or List It - Maple-Glazed Bacon

chicken, sausage, sauce, beef, bacon, barbecue, meat, pork
Jocelyn Hsu

This show focuses on the contrasting personalities and jobs of the two hosts, so what better snack to celebrate the show than maple-glazed bacon! This food’s selling point is its salty-sweet flavor. The two contrasting flavors meld together to make one cohesive dish. And no matter which flavor you prefer, you have to admit that both carry their own weight to make the dish delicious. Although, it’s up to you to decide whether Hilary or David is the salty or the sweet.