We are all obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They're the perfect couple with the perfect job and perfect life. Well, they just got even better. This past summer they opened their bakery, Silo Baking Co.

The new bakery's menu is short and sweet, with eight different cupcake options, two different cookies, rolls, biscuits and more. Each item has a fun name that is relatable to Magnolia and Chip and Jo. The cupcakes are really grabbing the attention of people who come to visit. Not only are they delicious, but they also look almost too perfect to eat.

No matter what cupcake you get, you'll be treated to a sweet treat that is comparable, if not better, to Sprinkles cupcakes. They are moist, sweet and flavorful.

The strawberry cupcake, "Strawberries N' Cream" is for sure my personal favorite. It tastes as if you are truly bitting into a strawberry with sugar, but in cupcake form. What really makes this cupcake is the combination of the strawberry cake with a knock-out vanilla buttercream icing. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the cupcake for you. 

Another killer cupcake is the "Cup O' Jo." This cupcake is a moist chocolate cake with an espresso buttercream icing. This icing has the bitterness of coffee and espresso mixed with the perfect amount of sweetness. There is the right amount of butter in this icing to do just that, balance it all out. 

While their cupcakes are the talk of the town, they also have some notable biscuits, like "The Prize Pig." This is a cheddar scratch-made biscuit with savory bacon. It's the perfect combo of cheddar, bacon, and biscuit. Sometimes you get too much biscuit and not enough bacon, but here that's thankfully not the case. 

Next time you're planning a trip, look at Waco, Texas. Stop by to check out Magnolia Silos, but more importantly stop to check out their new bakery and get some delicious treats. It has Joanna Gaines' unique touch all over the place.