Needless to say, with another year of college coming to an end, we're all pretty done with this semester. There are papers you didn't even know you had to write, lengthy extra credit assignments to cushion the blow of exams, and of course, actually studying for those exams. Whether it was your first year being away from home, or you're getting ready to graduate, all of us could not dread finals week any more than we already do. Really, our life line is coffee for the next couple weeks. Here's how done you are with the semester based on your Starbucks order. You're the ones getting roasted now.

Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade

If you're walking through campus with a PTL in your hand, chances are you just found out that your next class is canceled, and you've just decided to go home and procrastinate on your paper due the Monday of finals week even more. You're not worried about finals at all, since you only have two and they aren't even cumulative. Somehow you got the luck of the draw this semester, and all you have to worry about is what you'll drink first on your family vacay to Bimini. Must be good to be you.

Caramel Macchiatto

If you have this classic as your go-to Starbucks order (like I almost always do), then you're the kind of organized person who has the rest of their semester planned out to the letter. You know when all your finals are and have study periods planned out evenly. Part of you wishes the semester was a little longer so you had that much more to organize, but you're excited to have a summer to plan.

Vanilla Latte 

This is perfect for the I'm-serious-about-finals-but-if-I-fail-I'm-fine person. The worst you'll do to yourself is ask for an extra shot to get you through the day. Getting it hot makes you look more serious about getting your coffee fix, but really, you're just as prone to the sugary stuff as the rest of us. You want to study hard, but just can't muster up the courage to go to the library by yourself, so essentially, it's not worth it. Studying or not, you're over it.

Iced Coffee

You've sunken into the double digits in your bank account for the rest of the semester. Financial aid is running out, emotions are running high, and there are very few days left in the semester to feed your responsible partier personality. On top of that, you finally checked Blackboard for the first time in weeks, and finals are your saving grace. Really, all you can afford for your Starbucks order to be a grande iced coffee. To say you're over this semester is an understatement.

Cold Brew

You're living on thin ice. Somehow you made it through an all-nighter last night and two finals this morning with minimum damage to your brain cells, but you need a Narino 70 cold brew to start your paper due at midnight. If there's anyone who's so far done with the semester that you're mentally over the next two, you're a cold brew, kind of guy/gal. If anyone deserves a break before internship season, it's you.

No matter what your coffee order, we all wish we could stay in our college towns without classes to weigh down on our emerging-adult spirit. I don't know if I'll make it through another all-nighter to make up for the nights out I should have spent studying, but I do know that this summer, I'm counting down the days until football season.