While Northeastern may not be a large campus it does have a wide array of choices of chain restaurants for students to choose from but there are still times when that one restaurant you are craving for is either too far away to walk to or just doesn’t exist in Boston. Here are the top chain restaurants that Northeastern students wish were on campus.

1. Chipotle

An inside sneak peek.

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Sometimes all you need is a burrito and it happens that Boloco, Qdoba or Amelia’s just doesn’t cut it. You are craving that lime-infused guacamole with cilantro rice and shredded carnitas that Chipotle promises and oh so divinely delivers.

Unfortunately, the closest one to Northeastern students is on Boylston, all the way by the Common, and we all know that is just way too far. We want one so close that if we want to take it home and enjoy while watching Netflix on bed it will still be warm after the walk. Is that too much ask?

2. Insomnia Cookies

Elevate your snacking game. 12 cookies for $12 to kick off the Madness. #CookiesFTW #Championship

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Regarding everything else I would have to say “sucks to BU,” except when they have an Insomnia Cookies and Northeastern does not. I know I am not the only one that craves cookies when it’s dark out, which happens to be exactly the wrong time to cross the Fens. And lets be honest — the T ride to BU is just ridiculous. Insomnia Cookies doesn’t even deliver to Northeastern, so we need one for the desperate times when we are studying for exams and want to stuff our face with a snickerdoodle cookie cake at 2 AM.

3. Jamba Juice

Not too long ago there used to be a Jamba Juice in a far away land called IV. Before, we used to complain about how far away the walk to get a smoothie was until they took it away. We gladly appreciate Cafe Crossing, which was placed in exchange, but we would like our Jamba Juice back somewhere else.

4. Chick-fil-A

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I was glad to find out that I am not the only one who misses and craves fried chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Sure, there are probably restaurants whose fried chicken beats Chick-fil-A’s, but let’s not forget that they have the option of getting a whole tray of Chick-n-Strips with their deliciously secret Chick-fil-A sauce. They are a fast food chain whose quality doesn’t diminish with speed.

5. Nando’s

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Nando’s, a Portuguese-South African creation, is only available in limited places of the world: the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and the US. Unfortunately, Massachusetts is not one of the lucky states. The restaurant, famous for their Peri-peri sauce, is only available in Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and Illinois. If you have ever studied abroad in London, are from Canada or discovered it when you went to D.C., you know that Nando’s is more than just spicy chicken, so join me in hoping that they are expanding and Boston, most importantly Northeastern, is their next location.

6. Noodles and Co.

If you could eat just one Noodles dish for the next 365 days what would it be? ??? #noodlesandcompany

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Noodles and Company promises exactly what it says. Great noodles, ranging from mac and cheese to pad thai, and great company (it’s a great place to hang out with friends). There are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and even non-pasta options as well for those who may not be up for carbs but still want the company.

7. Moe’s

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Mexican fast food chains are popular, especially among Northeastern students. Moe’s is known for their spicy sauces which Boloco, Qdoba or even Chipotle just doesn’t deliver. In 2012 they expanded to Massachusetts, but still not close enough to campus.

8. Which Wich?

A half + a half = a whole lotta yum ?

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Catchy name and good sandwiches. Who doesn’t love sandwiches? It is certain Northeastern students can’t get enough of them and this place doesn’t just promise “superior sandwiches” — they also give you the option to make sandwiches into bowls or a lettuce wrap.

Doesn’t that sound good? Too bad it doesn’t exist in a 2 mile radius of us.

9. Jimmy John’s

When the line at Rebecca’s is insanely long, we need to fix our sandwich cravings ASAP. Jimmy John’s is just the place for delicious subs at a surprising speed. Definitely a necessity on campus.

10. Sweetgreen

Honestly, Sweetgreen is just a fancier and pricier version of the West End’s salads (which if you didn’t know about before you are missing out because 1) yummy salads and 2) meal exchange). But there are times when you want to indulge and the West End just doesn’t have what you are looking for in a salad.

Maybe you are craving chickpeas or beets, or maybe you just want a salad that sounds amazing — where the ingredients are already chosen for you and you don’t even have to question whether toasted almonds and sweet potatoes go well together or even what dressing to get. Sweetgreen promises all organic ingredients and a multi grain bread, filling you up without making you feel guilty. Too bad the closest one is all the way in Newbury. Might as well get Chipotle while I’m there too, am I right?

11. In-N-Out

Yasssss!! #InNOut #AnimalStyle #Foodie #FoodPorn

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Many have said that In-N-Out is just a West Coast’s Shake Shack and so they will settle for walking to Newbury. But as a person who has had both, I agree with the vote that we should have an In-N-Out on campus. Sure, there is UBurger, but let’s just be honest — their fries are nothing in comparison to In-N-Out’s animal fries.

And there is no such thing as too many burger joints. Sometimes we are just dreaming of California and maybe those palm tree containers will transport us there when there is five inches of snow outside. If it were on campus I would gladly leave my warm room just to go get one.


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