Just finished a workout and don't want to eat anything unhealthy after all of your hard work at the gym, but don't want to spend $15 for an expensive meal? I have the perfect solution!  A refreshing, fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and DELICIOUS solution, Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. 

Why is it the perfect solution, you ask?

It gives you energy to get through the rest of your day.

This frozen fruit, smoothie, açaí bowl heaven is the perfect option for people who want a nice treat after breaking a sweat and don't want to counteract all of their hard work. As you continue to burn calories, it is imperative that you keep your energy levels up by consuming food after a workout. It is always important to refuel.

It keeps you motivated about living healthily. 

In my gym, there is a sign hanging on the mirror that says "you are what you eat," and when you're trying to stay in shape, the thought of being a big messy burger, or a piece of fried chicken just doesn't seem too appetizing.  

The only ingredients that are used to make the frozen fresh fruit, water, and organic cane sugar. Then, you have the option to top it with fresh fruit, almonds, granola, cacao nips, and more. They even have peanut butter and chocolate sauce that are so unbelievable, you would never believe that it is actually still healthy. They also make smoothies if you would like an easy treat to take on-the-go on your way home.  

There's something for everyone. 

Chloe's also serves housemade vegan waffles, which is a great option for people who want a healthy snack, but don't want a cold sensation. They are perfect for a cold evening after a night time lift. 

#SpoonTip: Their banana flavor is a classic. Being trendy is always a good option when it comes to Chloe's.

 They're in a great location. 

One of the best parts about Chloe's is their location. Chloe's is located in NYC on 17th between Park and 5th Avenue, which is conveniently right near some of my favorite workout studios. There is a huge amount of diversity in regards to the different types of workout studios in the area.

Whether you want to do high-intensity training at The Fhitting Room, indoor cycling at SWERVE Fitness, Soul Cycling at the Union Square Studio, Pilates at Core Pilates, or rowing at CITYROW, there is the perfect workout option for you. Living in one of the greatest and most diverse cities in the world definitely has its perks.