Nowadays, there are so many labels on life. Not everyone can be a vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian; and even within those labels you have lacto vegetarians (doesn't eat meat or poultry but eats or drinks dairy) or lacto-ovo vegetarians (eats dairy and eggs but no meat). The idea of being a Flexitarian is not conforming to a label. Instead, it is about eating what you want while still being healthy. 

As a Flexitarian, your diet can vary from pescatarianism to vegetarian food items, while having the occasional burger or rib. Many vegetarians are not fond of the idea of being Flexitarian because it goes against the whole idea of being vegetarian.  

Even though the idea of being a flexitarian involves the consumption of meat, it is LESS meat being consumed. So what is the first step to being a flexitarian? 

1. Eat More Foods that are Plant-Based

Honestly, eating plant based foods give you much more energy. The different vegetables and fruits have nutrients that your body craves all of the time! 

2. Set a Goal

If you are transitioning from eating meat all of the time, try setting a goal for yourself. You do not have to jump right into it. It can start off with #MeatlessMondays to eating meat three days a week. 

3. Explore

Explore your meatless options. There are so many options to receive the protein that you need. From tofu and black beans to many meatless options like Gardein Meatless Meatballs or Fishless Filets. It doesn't sound as great, but you would be surprised how tasty and inexpensive these meals can be! 

4. Be More Aware 

Become a foodie scholar. Educate yourself on what you are consuming. After the Netflix documentary What the Health was released, people across the country were becoming more aware of what they were putting in their bodies.

5. Treat & Love Yourself 

Remember while in the process of caring for your body that you are only human. It is completely okay to eat what you want (in moderation of course) and not limit yourself. If you are doing what is best for you, then that is all that matters! 

Eat good, eat healthy, and eat what you want!