Amazon has become the new kid on the block in the grocery game. Prime members can use their feature, Prime Pantry, to order food, snacks, and household items in normal sizes, without paying to ship each item individually.

So, how does it work?

Prime Members can shop for normal-sized groceries or products in bulk, adding whatever items they want that qualify for Prime Pantry, until their box is full. It can fill up by size or weight, but as you add each item it states what percentage of the whole box the item takes up.

Then, the box will ship for a flat rate of $5.99, or for free if you pick enough items that qualify for free shipping. Your box doesn't need to be full to ship, but you might as well take advantage of all the space.

Amazon Pantry really comes in handy when you're at school and you don't live close to a grocery store, or you'd just rather have your snacks and toiletries come straight to you. Not to mention, if you're moving in soon, this can save you from having to pack up another box to stuff in the trunk of your parent's car (it's already a little like playing Tetris in there).

Here is a breakdown of how I'm filling up my Prime Pantry box all the way to the top to prepare for the school year. I've included the percentages of how much space each item takes up in the box. 

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt 12 Pack (3.6%)

Personally, RXBARs are one of my favorite snacks. They're so easy to grab on the way to class or to the gym, and I love that all of the ingredients are right there on the front, in big letters. If chocolate isn't your thing, try a different flavor

Price: $23.34 

Health Warrior Superfoods Protein Bar Sample Pack (3.4%)

As a college student, it's important to keep yourself fueled throughout the day so you can focus in classes and not scare everyone away by being #hangry. These superfood bars are the perfect way to keep yourself going with healthy, plant-based protein. 

Price: $10.18

Nutiva Organic Chia Seed (1.8%)

Since my mom discovered chia seeds a few years ago, I've made sure to add them to by breakfasts. From smoothies to oatmeal, they can be mixed into pretty much anything for added fiber, omega-3s, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Price: $6.99

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Cups (1.6%)

One of Nature Valley's newest products, these granola cups are filed in the dessert category in my mind. They're the perfect balance of sweet and salty, kind of like a more nutritious Reese's cup. I find them to be the perfect post-lunch snack to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

Price: $2.50

Justin's Almond Butter 10 Snack Pack (1.8%)

I'm completely unashamed to admit that I've jumped on the Justin's nut butter bandwagon since discovering it at Starbucks. I love the perfectly portioned snack-packs of all-natural almond butter that satisfy my cravings for apples and peanut butter

If you're looking for something a bit sweeter, the chocolate hazelnut butter flavor is also available through Prime Pantry. 

Price: $11.48

Quaker Old Fashioned Oats (2.8%)

I know you're wondering why anyone would bother ordering plain oats when you can get single-serving packages that already have flavor. Hear me out on this one. 

Plain old fashioned oats are like a blank canvas for making every flavor of overnight oats imaginable. It's the perfect breakfast option to make ahead of time, then grab on the way to class. You'll thank me later when you roll out of bed 10 minutes before your lecture starts. 

Price: $2.82

Bear Naked Granola Cacao and Cashew Butter (1.6%)

Bear Naked uses fair trade certified chocolate and gluten-free oats to make flavorful granola. It's lower in sugar than most brands, making it the perfect crunchy element to top your yogurt or just snack on by the handful. 

Price: $2.99

So Delicious Coconutmilk (5%)

If you're not lactose intolerant, you're probably wondering why you should include coconut milk in your order. Not only is it shelf-stable, which allows it to be included as a Prime Pantry option, but it is sweet and creamy. That makes it the perfect milk alternative for overnight oats and desserts. 

Price: $2.18

Annie's Single Serving Microwave Macaroni and Cheese 5 Pack (1.6%)

I think that every college student's pantry either has instant ramen or microwave macaroni and cheese. Annie's is my answer for a healthier alternative to Easy Mac, made with organic pasta and real aged cheddar. 

Price: $2.45

Food Should Taste Good Guacamole Tortilla Chips (4.4%)

I can fully appreciate that the struggle is real when it comes to expensive avocados. Half the time when you splurge and buy them, they're either underripe or covered in brown spots. With these chips, you can get all the flavor and enjoyment of guac already on the chip. 

Price: $2.45

Lundberg Spanish Rice (1%)

I always keep a package of flavored rice in the pantry for when I need to throw together a fast meal. This Spanish rice is already flavorful enough so that all you have to do is add a protein, like beans or chicken, and you have a full meal. 

Price: $2.62

Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup (3.2%)

When you're in college, there's no asking your mom to make you food when you're sick. That's why its so important to keep a giant can of chicken noodle soup on hand for when the flu threatens to take you out

Price: $1.99

Pacific Creamy Tomato Soup (5.4%)

Imagine sitting in your apartment this winter. It's just started snowing and you want nothing more than a piping hot bowl of soup and a melty grilled cheese. Usually, you'd have to brave the cold, but if you plan ahead with this giant box of soup, you can feed yourself and all of your roommates. 

Price: $3.43

Hershey's Cocoa Powder (1.4%)

Cocoa powder is a necessity for making brownies from scratch, which is one of the only foolproof ways to solve any problem. You can also use it to get your chocolate fix for breakfast in smoothies, overnight oats, and yogurt. 

Price: $2.99

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix (3%)

While I don't suffer from this issue, I acknowledge that not everyone can handle making brownies from scratch. That's why it's always a good idea to have a boxed brownie mix on hand. Try different add-ins to take it to another level. 

Price: $1.26

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (2.6%)

Cookies are the perfect way to show people that you're thinking about them. With a chocolate chip cookie mix on hand, it's super easy for you to whip up a batch when a friend is feeling sick or you need to suck up to a professor. 

Price: $1.98

Coconut Oil (2.6%)

In case you've missed it, I'm here to tell you that coconut oil is the new miracle product. You can use it for pretty much everything. Plus, when you use it in the kitchen, it has lots of health benefits

Price: $8.79

Kodak Cakes Minute Muffins 4 pack (1.6%)

These microwavable muffins have a really intense chocolate flavor that satisfies my sweet tooth, with the bonus of being packed with protein and fiber. They're healthy and easy enough to start your day. Just add water. 

Price: $1.66

Jell-O Mix (0.6%)

red wine, liquor, alcohol, wine
Sarah Silbiger

You and I both know what this is for. Next time you decide to host the pre-game an hour before it starts, save yourself the trip to the grocery store. My favorite flavor is blue, because a few shots and your tongue is ready for pictures. 

Price: $0.98

Double Stuf Oreos (2.4%)

Do I even need to explain why there are Oreos in this order? Eat them plain, dunk them in milk, or use them in another recipe. Even a giant pack will be gone in no time. 

Price: $2.98

Happy Belly Tropical Trail Mix (2.4%)

Not to be cheesy or anything, but eating this trail mix makes my belly, and tastebuds, happy. I love the combination of tropical dried fruits and nuts. It makes a great filling snack or crunchy topping for your smoothie bowl

Price: $6.88

Planters Nuts and Chocolate Trail Mix (2.8%)

If you're a trail mix enthusiast like me, you know how important it is to have multiple options on hand at all time. When I'm in the mood for more of a treat mix, I like this combination of real M&M's, peanuts, almonds, and raisins. 

Price: $7.29

Green Mountain 12-Pack Keurig Coffee Cups (1%)

Although Keurig coffee may not cut it for coffee snobs, I love the convenience of pressing a button to brew myself a cup. I've found that Green Mountain brews the strongest coffee, which I love to drink black every morning. 

Price: $6.00

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Drinks 4-Pack (4.4%)

Readjusting to college life in the first few weeks is hard. Having these cold drinks in the fridge for a burst of energy when you don't even have time to brew a K-cup is key. Plus, it's more cost effective than stopping by an actual Starbucks. 

Price: $4.98

Yogi Stress Relief Tea 16-pack (0.4%)

This tea gets its warm, rich flavor from a blend of kava, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, and carob pod. The combination helps to promote relaxed awareness, which is ideal for winding down after a stressful night of studying

Price: $2.99

Yogi Detox Tea 16-pack (0.4%)

Not only do I enjoy the flavor of this tea, but I love the way that it makes my body feel. It's a great way to reset after a long weekend, especially when every tea bag comes with a motivational quote

Price: $2.99

Bai Variety 12-Pack (35.6%)

This was my one big splurge item for the box. Buying bottled drinks adds a lot of weight, but for Bai it's worth it. The flavors are refreshing and every bottle is packed with antioxidants and only five calories. 

Price: $20.33

Emergen-C Tangerine 30-Pack (1.6%)

I like to add these immune-boosting packets to my morning smoothie or orange juice to stop the inevitable college cold before it happens. You could also use it in drinks, which could maybe help with your hangovers.  

Price: $8.89

This box is literally just over 99 percent filled, so I think that I've taken full advantage of the Prime Pantry feature. Of course, prices may vary, but this box cost around $150.00, which if you keep in mind that many of these items will last me a couple of months, isn't too terrible. In some cases, the products on Amazon are cheaper than if I were to buy them in a store. Forget grocery shopping. Delivery is the way of the future

Forget grocery shopping. Food delivery is the way of the future

#SpoonTip: You can also use Amazon Pantry to stock up on things for your dorm or house, like cleaning supplies and paper towels, or toiletries like toothpaste and makeup.