The internet is abuzz today as Amazon announced its plans to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, but it seems as though little will be changing in the front of house operations of both the grocery store chain and the internet giant. It's a unification of the bougie Whole Foods and the über convenient Amazon, but what is actually going to change as a result? Here's the short version of how this deal is going to affect you.

WTF Does This Mean? 

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Katie Stotts

Basically, this is a massive financial deal to improve Amazon's push into the food business. Amazon has already experimented with AmazonFresh, a food delivery service that relies on the "click and collect model," but this collaboration with Whole Foods will likely increase their credibility in the market. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sees that "[m]illions of people love Whole Foods Market because they offer the best natural and organic foods," and he's trying to expand that reputation to Amazon as well. 

This deal is shaking up Wall Street as stocks for other big grocers including Target, Walmart, Kroger, and Costco fell in the aftermath of the announcement. So, yes, this buyout is a big deal.

How Are People Reacting? 

I was informed of the deal by three of my food-themed group chats this morning and I quickly realized that people view this deal as a true game changer in the online grocery business. Here are some of my favorite reactions from the Interwebs. 

Amazon reportedly bought Whole Foods for far more than it was valued at, which is incidentally how many people feel about shopping at Whole Foods in general. 

Me when I spent $22 on açaí powder at Whole Foods. 

Some predictions on how Amazon is going to change grocery delivery at Whole Foods. 

Whole Foods or whole paycheck? Lmk. 

Live, love, Alexa. My dad bought one for our home, and I still don't understand how it works. 

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Xinwei Zeng

Don't worry about Whole Foods losing its autonomy. As of now, everyone is expected to keep their jobs, and the CEO, John Mackey, is still in charge as the grocery store is just going to be added to the firm's payroll. 

Beyond that, we are still unsure of how this is going to change our shopping experience at Whole Foods and online with Amazon. So for now, I would hold off on Amazon Priming your favorite 365 brand foods to your dorm room, but stay tuned for more updates.