Being sick is never fun regardless of your coordinates. The germs aren't different, the symptoms aren't different and you can't just wish it away. That being said, being sick at home beats being sick at school any day of the week.

At home you have your mama to take care of you

No one knows you like your mama knows you. Your roomies (which may be your best friends) might know you pretty damn well and are probably in second place but nobody compares to your mama. Mama knows what food you need to calm your nerves, what medicine you need to ease some of the symptoms, and the creature comforts you need to help you relax without having to ask her.

Your roomies and friends are capable of doing these things for you but it's not second nature for them. They also don't have as much money as your mama, which is understandable.

At home you have your pets

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Kate Steiner

That's my 13.5-year-old lab, Darcy, and me the first time I came home from college two years ago during freshman year fall break. I smothered her with love and affection to the point where she no longer enjoyed it (she's still killin' it by the way). Even when I'm irritating her she always sits with me when I'm sick or puts her head in my lap, instantly brightening my day.

Most college students don't have their puppies and kitties with them at school because they're too high maintenance and too much responsibility. I had a betta fish named Peri at school earlier this semester. He was a cool dude but he didn't last 13.5 years and he didn't brighten my day the way Darcy does. He actually only lasted about four months.

At home you have your bed

This may not be applicable to you if you have your own apartment at school, but if you live in a dorm then you know the deal. Dorm beds are not the move. They're smaller and much less comfortable. You can't stretch out and there's not as much give. Lame. There are worse things in life than sleeping on a twin XL-sized bed, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to be upset about it. 

At home, your bed is probably at least a full and not a rock. It's also probably not as high up as the f*cking Alps. Bama's dorm room beds are super tall. I'm 5'0", thus I basically had to do a heel stretch to get into my bed freshman year. Unless you intentionally lofted your bed for storage purposes (so much room for activities!) it's a Grade A pain in the ass.

Your school's student health center probably sucks

I don't mean to be rude or nothin' but UA's student health center (SHC) isn't top notch. The doctors are very qualified and sensitive to your needs, but you could end up waiting like two hours in the lobby just to get a prescription for seasonal allergies even if you scheduled an appointment in advance.

They also love to spend your mula. One time I went in because I had strep and I walked out with the prescribed antibiotics, cough drops, and a throat-numbing spray. I know it was all with good intentions, but I already had cough drops and throat-numbing spray in my medicine cabinet in my apartment. They had already rang it up on my student bill before consulting with me.

Your doctor at home probably won't BS you. I mean, he or she could but I doubt they'd keep you waiting as long as your SHC would or con you with all the extraneous products. 

Like I said, being sick sucks no matter what. But if you ever have the option to be sick at home as opposed to be sick at school, you know which one to pick.