There has been a recent shift in the way we perceive and understand the postitive role that a healthy lifestyle can play in our society. As we work towards maintaining a healthier future, there are many promotional efforts that have taken place to ensure the quality of food children are recieving at schools is acceptable. This can be seen through the implementation of Michelle Obama's Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which is a set of nutritional stardards regarding the food that can be served at schools. 

Even though our generation is witnessing a forward change in the way children eat, this "healthy lifestyle" wasn't my primary concern when I was in grade school. If I didn't bring my own lunch to school, you could catch me at the front of the lunch line anxiously waiting for the infamous rectangle-shaped pizza, cheese dunkers, or vanilla ice cream cups. Looking back, I can't say this was my best decision but it was totally worth it at the time. 

Nowadays, you find not only changes in the lunch room, but also a change in children's packed lunches. My mother is currently a preschool teacher and has witnessed mothers going to the absolute extreme when it comes to providing their preschool children a nutritionally-packed lunch.

To get a true glimpse of these mothers going above and beyond, take a look at the pictures provided below.

Caroline Alexander

This bento box's most extreme food item is pomegranate seeds. This fruit serves as a small, low-cal snack to satisfy your children's sweet tooth cravings. These seeds are also packed with fiber, which aids proper digestion and hunger control for children. 

Caroline Alexander

This bento box's most extreme food item is organic lowfat milk. Mothers often encorporate organic milk into their children's diet because they want to minimize the potential threats of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or growth hormones that could affect their children's health. 

Caroline Alexander

This bento box's most extreme food item is dates. Incorporating this fruit into children's diets can serve as an immediate energy booster due to the high amounts of natural sugars. In addition, dates contain organic sulfur, which can help fight against the dreaded seasonal allergies. 

Caroline Alexander

This bento box's most extreme food item is heart-shaped strawberries. This delicious fruit is filled with nutritional benefits, such as promoting brain health, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and improving overall oral health for children.

And for dessert...
Caroline Alexander

Looking back on my packed lunches in grade school, I vividly remember a smushed PB&J sandwich, Trix Yogurt, and a Capri Sun juice box all tossed in a brown paper bag. Now, I am able to witness the drastic differences between the way children are fed lunches now versus then. There are many advantages to providing young children with nutritionally-dense lunches—something I wish was taken into account when I was growing up. 

Some of these major advantages are that now children are able to perform at their full potential for longer periods of time. These young children are also more inclined to inherit sustainable lifelong eating habits. In addition, having these lunches packed means that all the food is fresh and unpackaged, making it more enviornmentally friendly. Lastly, the portion sizes are smaller, leaving no room for over-eating. 

After seeing all of these positive benefits, I am now encourgaged and willing to provide my future children with a substantial and healthy school lunch so they're able to establish healthy eating habits from an early age. 

#SpoonTip: If you're into these new compartments that these mom's are packing the lunches in, consider getting yourself your own bento box.