The increasingly popular beverage company, Bai, has a multitude of products in different flavors and mediums. Choosing which one to drink can sometimes be a challenge, so let's delve into a semester of Bai beverages.

At only 5 calories and 45g of caffeine per serving with natural sweeteners made of stevia and erythritol, these drinks are great for every occasion. Especially those long haul days when all you want is something sweet without being unhealthy. I’ve been drinking Bai beverages for a while now, and I can’t keep it to myself anymore.

I wrote to Bai, and they provided me with some of their favorite drinks, along with a personal message which absolutely made my day.

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Caroline Shagnea

As we can see, there are a lot of options. So, how does one decide which to choose? We're going to go step-by-step through the main events of the semester.

The Daily Grind

Caroline Shagnea

Antioxidant Infusions come in an enormous range of flavors, from blueberry lemonade to dragonfruit, pomegranate to mango, so you won't run out of different flavors to try during that full-day block of classes on MWFs. Or TuTh, depending on your schedule. I like these because there aren't any bells and whistles, just enough to add a punch to everyday life. My favorites are Brasilia Blueberry (pictured) and Kula Watermelon.

Spring Break

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Caroline Shagnea

What else would you reach for when you're kicking back on the beach or in bed? If I can get my hands on these before my dad does, this is my go-to for relaxing days. The pure coconut taste transports me to my happy place, especially when I'm already there.

That One All-Nighter Your Mom Warned You About

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Caroline Shagnea

If you're a soda fan and are looking for healthier alternatives, consider Bai Black. Kohala Kola has a similar taste to Coke with considerably less sugar and fewer calories, while the Ginger Ale packs a punch that's sure to keep you awake for that last killer paragraph.

Class Outside

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Caroline Shagnea

It's a cloudless 75° day, and the professor looks out the window and finally agrees to have class outside. Discussing philosophical ideas in the sun with a sparkling Bai is the peak of any semester, especially in fruity flavors like grapefruit or blood orange. 


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Caroline Shagnea

The answer to this is yes. Yes to all. Do what I do every finals week and hoard them throughout the semester in order to bust everything out at once. 

 My favorites out of these were the ginger ale and the grapefruit bubbles, but all of them tasted great. Next time you're shopping for study snacks and are looking for something low-calorie and non-teeth-rotting, consider Bai.