For those of you that know Health Warrior, this isn't news to you. They're a health and nutrition company with a mission to inspire. Health Warrior considers their product to be part of an overall movement brand, inviting people to succeed at living healthier lifestyles. 

Health Warrior bars use chia seeds as their main ingredient, an ancient superfood whose use dates back to the Aztecs. Chia is pack-filled with omega-3, protein, calcium, fiber and magnesium, making it the perfect pick me up for those who struggle with endurance.

So taste-testers, Alex, Danni, Lauren, Jen and I, ranked the bars from healthy snack alternatives to ones we wish we could eat for every meal. 

8) The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar

 If you're looking for something sweet and chocolately, this is it. The protein bar was so rich and decadent it was hard to believe we were eating something healthy.

"Serious chocolate taste, seriouuuus. SO yummy, I can't stop eating it." - Dani 

7) Honey Almond Protein Bar 

Golden Grahams on steroids. This was my personal favorite, it's was really crunchy but lightly sweet from the honey. Best combo ever.

"Pass this one back my way, please." - Marisa 

6) Coconut Chia Bar 

If you're looking for something a little more tropical but not quite as sweet as mango, this should be your go-to. 

"It literally tastes like I'm eating just a coconut, this one is awesome." - Dani

5) Coffee Chia Bar

Now you can eat your coffee and your body will enjoy it too. 

"I'm taking the extra of this one with me." - Alex 

4) Banana Nut Chia Bar

Think of this as a healthy version of banana bread. 

"You need this in your life." - Lauren

3) Dark Chocolate Cherry Chia Bar

It's like a dark chocolate cherry cordial, without all the bad stuff. 

"I can't stop eating this one." - Marisa 

2) Acai Berry Chia Bar

Cranberries are my favorite so I may be biased, but this was definitely a sweet pick me up I recommend for those looking for than berries can offer. 

"Oooh this one is really, really good." - Jen

1) Apple Cinnamon Chia Bar 

This is just a healthy apple pie, on the go. 

"I want more of this one, guys, you NEED to try this." - Lauren