Nature Valley just released a new kind of granola bar that's changing the snack aisle — granola cups. Granola bars are the broke, hungry college student's beloved go-to for a quick-fix, but what are granola cups? Their elevated cousins. With a nut-butter filling inside a crunchy oat cup, granola cups pack in flavor without sacrificing nutrition, making them the best addition to any grocery list.

Almond Butter

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Sarah Fung

With almond butter in the middle and crushed almonds on top (and in the granola), these almond butter granola cups are quite the treat for your taste buds. The crunchy cookie cup is layered with crushed almonds and filled with almond butter. The cup's crumbly texture pairs with the smooth almond butter to make you feel like you're eating a cookie — not a granola bar.

These cups definitely don't taste healthy, but they won't destroy your diet. Weighing in at around 90 calories and 4 grams of sugar per cup (with two cups per package), they're a great way to add some flavor to your day without worrying about healthy eating. They aren't very filling, but most granola bars aren't, so this is more a snack than a meal. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate

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Katherine Luo

These cups have peanut butter in the middle with a layer of chocolate on the bottom and roasted, crushed peanuts throughout, making them taste almost like a crunchy Reese's peanut butter cup, albeit with less chocolate. The slightly salty peanut butter complements the sweeter chocolate perfectly, while the oat-cup seamlessly blends the flavors together. 

Since these cups also incorporate chocolate, they'll set you back a little bit more — there are around 100 calories and 4.5 grams of sugar per cup, but they're worth every bite. Once again, these granola cups are no substitute for a meal (they're just not filling enough), but they're a satisfying late-night snack.

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Sarah Fung

Granola cups can't take the place of granola bars, mostly because the two are so different. They are crunchier and more cookie-like, while granola bars tend to be chewy and soft. While they can't really be put into the same category as granola bars, Nature Valley granola cups are excitingly new and yummy, and a nice break from the monotony of the same granola bar every day.