There are two types of people in this world: those who leave room for cream and sugar, and those who drink black coffee.

It's time for the latter half to start explaining.

I asked fellow college students who drink their coffee black to share why they did so, and here's what they had to say about living on the dark side.

1. The Dark Soul

"I like everything black."

2. The Traditionalist 

"I drink black coffee after dinner because, that's what my parents do. I genuinely cringe when people put a shit ton of sugar and milk in their coffee, cuz then you are just drinking milk with sugar."

3. The Realist

"Coffee is like alcohol. It's got a purpose. Black coffee is like taking a shot. You aren't drinking it cause you like the taste, you just need its affect."

4. The Poet

"I like to drink black coffee because I love the strong aroma. I also feel like it makes me more awake."

5. The Veteran

"I started drinking black coffee when I was 18. Love it. Drink 5-6 cups a day"

6. Mrs. Washington

"I have been drinking coffee since I was allowed, and it tastes like Denzel Washington in a cup... and I love me some Denzel"

7. The Novelist

"I like black coffee because it's just better."

8. The Broke College Student

"I drink my coffee black because I can't afford cream or sugar."

9. The Indecisvive

"I order black coffee because I get overwhelmed by all the choices and can't decide."

10. The Conditioned

"I worked at a coffee shop and I never drank coffee, I always preferred tea. My boss wanted me to convert to coffee but he refused to let me put creamer in it and said, 'I ain't raising no coffee bitch,' and now I only drink black coffee."

11. The Cynic

"I drink black coffee because it tastes as bitter as I feel."

12. The Safe One

"I just hate sweet coffee. It's nasty. Like Frappucinos and stuff? No."

13. The Health Nut

"I don't like to drink my calories. I'd rather budget my sugar and carb intake for ice cream."