Alright, let's break this down... What's a detox? A detox (body detoxification) is a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to clear their body of toxins.  Your body naturally performs cleanses and rids itself of waste, but additional cleanses act as reinforcements and enhance the normal body processes. Detox teas also offer the benefits that are already provided by tea - it lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease, lowers your blood pressure, increases your mood and mental performance, and keeps your energy up and weight down.  

Detox teas aren't enough to fully cleanse your body, but accompanied by a balanced diet, these tea programs can do great things for your body and mind. They work if you give them the platform to do so. I've reaped in many of the benefits of detox tea, and I honestly swear by them, especially when I'm not 100% happy with how my body is working, looking, or feeling. 

Here are some detox teas that I have tried and that I plan on trying, along with their health benefits.  

1. BooTea

You probably have seen this tea advertised on someone famous's Instagram, but honestly, it deserves the promo because this tea is great and it actually works. I've been using this line's 14 day teatox and I have noticed changes in my body almost right away.

I feel less bloated and healthier, food runs through my body faster and smoother, and my stomach and digestion pains have disappeared. On their online online store, they offer free meal plans, workout plans, multivitamins, oats, and their tea deals, which come in 14 day and 28 day packages.  It's simple to make because it comes in bags, and it tastes better than I expected, considering I'm a coffee over tea person.

2. Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox is designed to help you lose weight, burn calories, boost your metabolism, cleanse and detoxify, suppress appetite, and increase energy levels in an 100% natural way.  This tea uses no chemicals or preservatives, instead using entirely healthy ingredients like tea leaves, ginseng, rhubarb, ginger, and more. It's a two-step program at 7, 14, and 28 days and in two flavors: original and mint. Morning tea focuses on suppressing your appetite throughout the day while also speeding up your metabolism, and the evening tea is a colon cleanse.

3. Your Tea

Promoted as "ancient Chinese medicine teas remixed for modern health", Your Tea uses modern tea blends to encourage and restore vitality, balance, and harmony.  Available as regular and gluten-free, the goal is to target excess fat, reduce bloating, reduce fluid retention, and alleviate indigestion. TCM doctors have also teamed up to write a health guide that advises clients on topics like cellulite, skin clarity, and emotion and weight issues. The goal is to balance your gut health, and in doing so, these teas assist with energy, sleep, bloating, weight loss, healthy skin, mood, women’s health, and men’s health.

4. Yogi Detox 

"Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good." Coming in a range of flavors, from peach to green tea to rose hibiscus, Yogi Detox teas all have different targets, making them more customizable to the buyer. Some teas support skin hydration, some provide energy during a diet program, and then some just are the traditional cleanse. The healthy cleansing traditional DeTox tea is a spiced blend of herbs Dandelion and Burdock with Juniper and traditional Ayurvedic blend “trikatu”. And each teabag comes with motivation to carry you through your day.

5. Baetea

Baetea focuses on transformation, offering you the opportunity to feel and look the way you want.  With 100% natural ingredients, Baetea is designed to eliminate fat while improving overall health. The detoxing ingredients are ginger, Senna, and rooibos. Packed with antioxidants, this tea is used for the purposes of cell rejuvenation by increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood. This should offer higher capabilities to focus and also physical freshness. Many feel their skin and body healthier after drinking this tea in their 14 and 28 day teatoxes.  

6. Kusmi Tea

Rumor has it that this is Kendall Jenner's holy grail tea.  The detox style of this tea is a blend of lemongrass, mate, and green tea, and it can be enjoyed throughout the day due to its less intense ingredients.  This tea provides an overall cleanse throughout the day with its health-boosting leaves.  

Whether you're into a more natural cleanse or want to feel the detoxification right away, there's a detox tea that is meant just for you so be open to all the possibilities. Honestly, I swear by my detox teas and working out when trying to lose weight and get in shape. But remember, you can't expect the tea to do all the work for you, as they are all meant to accompany a healthy and balanced diet.  Take the steps to a balanced healthy lifestyle!