Going back to school can be tough, especially after having a long summer vacation. But to make things a little easier, here are 11 different healthy packed lunch ideas that you'll want to eat right up. From grilled cheese to ramen, this is the ultimate lunch list.

Spinach and artichoke grilled cheese

Put an adult twist on this classic by adding artichokes and spinach, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Trust me, grilled cheese has never tasted so good.

Mason jar salad

This will be, without a doubt, your new favorite way to prepare a salad. Mason jar salads are easy, portable, and sure tasty. Add in whatever you'd like, and you're set.

Lunch kebabs

Feel free to make this one your own. Instead of steak or chicken, add on cheese cubes and lunch meat. It's the perfect, on-the-go lunch.

Burrito bowl

Much like salads, burrito bowls can easily be packed into mason jars to make for the most delicious lunch. Trust me, it will be better than Chipotle.

Bagel sandwich

Take your breakfast to lunch, and you'll be happy you did! Go the more classic route, with a breakfast sandwich or try something new and take more of a lunch meat route. Either way, you'll be loving it.

Yogurt parfait

Putting the breakfast twist on lunch yet again, you won't be disappointed with a parfait. It's just filling enough, but not too overbearing.

Tortellini pasta

Tortellini is the perfect lunch because it's tasty, healthy, and incredibly easy to put together. Pair it with some good veggies or a side salad.

Lettuce wrap

Turn that boring sandwich into a healthy and tasty wrap. Using spinach or lettuce leaves as the wrap, fill it with meat, veggies, and whatever sauce you'd like. It's the easiest way to change up a salad.

Mason jar ramen

Relive your college days with some delicious (and healthy) ramen. Put in whatever veggies, sauce, and noodles you'd like, and add hot water later for an easy, delicious and hot meal. 

Assorted veggies

Turn what would be a side, into the full entree. Veggies are the great and healthy way to fill you up, plus they are the perfect Instagram shot.

Protein balls

For a lighter, but still filling lunch, try protein balls. Not only are they very nutritious, but they are also incredibly tasty. Plus, you can customize them with your favorite flavors.

And there it is. With 11 new healthy lunch options, you'll sure be looking forward to lunch time like you never have before.