The bagel has been around for over 400 years, winning its way into the hearts of people worldwide with its doughy charm. However, change is good, especially when that change takes things to the next level.

Flash forward to 2016 and the bagel is being reinvented into wild hybrids and stuffed sandwiches. There are still naysayers, who like to remind you that there are 3.16 slices of bread in the average bagel, but everything in moderation of course.

So if you’re done with the typical run to Panera, no matter how addicted you are, try out these six recipes of pure carb-loaded insanity.

Everything Bagel Donut

bagel recipes

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

When you describe a bagel as “legendary”, you know it’s going blow your mind. When you combine a bagel with a donut, the game is officially changed. There was the cronut, but maybe the “bagnut” or the “doughnel” is the next big thing. Make it like this.

Everything Bagel Roll-ups

bagel recipes

Photo by Noelle Funtanilla

There’s no rule that says a bagel must be round with a hole in the middle, so maybe it’s time to roll in a new direction. This four-ingredient recipe is perfect for a shareable breakfast or party appetizer, considering no one could ever say no to bread with warm cream cheese inside.

Dining Hall Pizza Bagel

bagel recipes

Photo by Zoe Schneider

Don’t let the college cafeteria crush your carb-filled dreams because you shouldn’t have to settle for the usual butter, jam, or cream cheese spreads. In college, your meals can become a predictable routine, so why not switch up lunch with a personal pizza that will make everyone else jealous? Get the recipe here.

Insta-Worthy Bagel Sandwiches

bagel recipes

Photo by Kennedy Choi

Anything can be a sandwich if you want it to be, especially a bagel. A chocolate chip bagel is perfect with gobs of peanut butter and Nutella, and a multi-grain or whole wheat option would go great with stacks of veggies and hummus.

If you do it right, you can have bagels for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and no one will ever judge you.

Midnight Bagel

bagel recipes

Photo by Gabi Rosenthalr

The perfect midnight snacks are the ones that are a combination of everything in the fridge and pantry. This recipe calls for three topping: cream cheese, peanut butter, and jalapenos. It sounds like a wild combination, but you’re probably desperate in the middle of the night, so just go with it.

Still not feeling it? If you have a tub or roll of cookie dough lying around, combine that with the cream cheese for the bagel of your dreams.

BONUS: Rainbow Pull-Apart Bread

bagel recipes

Photo by Rebecca Miller

So this isn’t really a bagel, but it’s inspired by the trendy rainbow bagel that everyone is (still) talking about. That’s understandable though because it’s just so good, especially when slathered in Funfetti cream cheese. If you’re over the trend, you can still keep your carbs colorful with this pull-apart bread with a cinnamon spin.