Many news stories have come out recently about possible shortages around the world, with a massive drop off in production from coffee to (gasp) chocolate expected in 2015. Recently, sources from Food and Wine to the NY Daily News are predicting an even scarier possibility: there will be a large shortage of avocados in 2015.


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You may remember the scare over a possible avocado shortage from last year’s spring break. And now, due to the drought in California, the shortage is about to really take off.

According to modernfarmer, it takes “74 gallons of water to produce a pound of avocados,” so the California drought is hitting farmers right where it hurts. The lack of rainfall in California is impacting the production of many crops, but the state is responsible for 95% of all avocados consumed in America, so our beloved green fruits are taking the biggest hit (side note: avocados are fruit).

This means that farmers are moving away from growing the recently-expensive fruit and towards cheaper, easier to produce crops.

And so far, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the world can pick up California’s avocado-growing slack.

Mexico is next up on the list of avocado producers, but they’re hard to rely on.

Remember Mexico? Remember that they were responsible for a lime shortage this past year because of the terror caused to citrus farmers?

Well, Mexico is already experiencing deja vu in their $1 billion a year avocado trade. Drug cartels are targeting the avocado growing process at all levels, and they have the ability to “control every part of the avocado operation, from production to distribution.”


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Before you slap that last chip with guac out of your friends hand, there is good news: avocados might get more expensive, but they won’t disappear.

Scott Bauwens, director of field services and marketing for Temecula, California-based West Pak Avocado, told QSR magazine, “with what Mexico can bring in combined with California, we should have enough to fulfill demand or at least come close.” So you can relax, avocado lovers. You will still be able to find avocados on the shelf in 2015, you’ll just have to pay a little more to get them.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab as many avocados as you can fit in your cart, and look into some great recipes to use in them like these:

Oh and while you’re at it, pour some guac out for the homies.