What's your favorite pair of socks — fuzzy holiday socks, swaggy toe socks, fancy Nike socks? Well, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Bombas socks are engineered to be the best looking, most comfortable sock that reins above all inferior brands. And, more importantly, this company's philanthropic work will definitely persuade you that your sock drawer needs a makeover. 


Do you know what the number one most requested item at homeless shelters is? Coats, food, blankets? Nope — it's socks. Everybody needs socks, especially homeless people who are on their feet more and have less access to washing their socks. 

To help fix this problem, in August 2013, David Heath and Randy Goldberg launched their sock company, Bombas. With the mantra, one pair purchased = one pair donated, Bombas is not only donating socks to the homeless, but they also give to anyone in need — from tsunami relief efforts to schools to shelters. Giving back is where the company started, and their amazing product followed. 

#Spoontip The company is called Bombas, a word from the Latin root meaning bumblebee to symbolize the immense impact teamwork.  

The Socks 

When Heath and Goldberg embarked on their mission, they actually wanted to make an impact, so they needed to brainstorm how to convince customers to buy their product. What was their action plan? Just design the best sock on the market, and Bombas will simply bee the best choice.

Bombas sells socks designed for athletics, work, kids, women, men, and everything in between. The socks were legit tried and tested for 2 years until they made the best sock available, adding technology like blister tabs and invisitoe. Still not convinced? Well, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so there's no harm in ordering and testing for yourself - but not gonna lie, I think you'd find a hard time finding a problem with Bombas. 

Their donation pairs are even specifically engineered for those in need who can't wear a fresh, new pair of socks each day. These donated pairs are "thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of those who are homeless", and they have added special features like reinforced seams and anti-microbial treatment. 


So when it began, Bombas had the goal of reaching one million pairs donated in 10 years. Not only did they reach their one million sock donated in just 2.5 years, but they just reached 2 million donated in February, and their numbers are only going up. They've gained support from Shark Tank, they work with brands and celebrities (you might have seen them on Ben Higgen's instagram). But most importantly, throughout these successes, Bombas has stayed true to their core belief of giving back. 

What can you do?

How can you support this amazing company? First of all, buy socks! Buy for yourself, for your gym-obsessed friend, for your mom, for your professor - literally everyone need socks, and your money couldn't really be spent better. If you're eager to offer more help, reach out to local shelters and nonprofits to sign up as a giving partner. Maybe even recruit your followers to check out Bombas by reposting some of their instagrams - their beautiful pics will def improve your feed.  

My favorite part of this company is not the socks, though. Bombas is way more than just a sock manufacturer — they're an inspiration to work towards improving something you're passionate about, to work together towards a goal, to do your work to the absolute best of your ability, to remind yourself that even one person can make a difference in a world that sometimes seems hopeless. Remember that just like Bombas, whatever you do, bee better. You'll make a difference, too.