While the most recent election did not produce a result that many people are happy with, it is important to remember that this same thing occurs in every election. Donald Trump may be quite unlike any other President that we may have had, but the response to being angered or upset is not to avoid the media.

We are still citizens of the United States, and whether you like it or not he is our President. Instead of turning a blind eye to things you may not want to hear, you should first listen, because although we may not agree, everyone has a right to an opinion. Second, take action if new policies or statements are bothering you a lot.

Channel Your Anger

Being unhappy with a situation and complaining about it doesn't make it a better situation. Contact a senator or congressman/woman and express your concerns. Rally up your friends and protest. Write a petition. Whatever you do, do not look the other way and do nothing.

Encourage Participation

The United States of America is a democracy. The only way democracy works effectively is if people speak up and act. If you are upset, definitely take action and make change happen. For the future, encourage more people who are upset now to vote or campaign if they did not in the last election.

Take a Breather

I do acknowledge that politics, especially these days, seems incredibly overwhelming and can make us all seem helpless. If you do get incredibly overwhelmed sometimes, take a break and think about something else. Channeling anger productively can be a good thing, but stressing yourself too much can also be detrimental to your health.

So yes, our President may be more concerned with Tweets at his haters than with the wellbeing of our nation, but don't let it go unnoticed. Take a stand and exercise your rights!