There are several things that college students universally care about. To name a few, they care about their friends, their studies, and their burritos.

A burrito can be the perfect fuel to push you through that dreaded accounting or o-chem class. It can be a peace offering after a split between you and an ex or a frenemie. The perfect burrito can even be a gift sent from God when you are drunk and hungry at 3 am.

Since a burrito means so much to the college student, it's an absolute requirement for a college town to have an unbelievable burrito joint. Here is a list of where you can find the best burrito in the top 50 college towns in America

1. Cambridge, Massachusetts - Anna's Taqueria

With seven locations across Cambridge and the city of Boston, Anna's Taqueria has the full supply of fresh, authentic, Mexican deliciousness. At Anna's, they believe that building a burrito is an art form. You need to steam the tortilla, melt the cheese, and make sure every bite has an equal distribution of ingredients. With these rules, no matter which meat they choose (they have slow-cooked beef tongue, people), students can be sure to get the perfect burrito.  

2. Ann Arbor, Michigan - BTB Burrito

There are a few reasons why Michigan students are so obsessed with BTB Burritos — huge portions, fast service, and it's open until 4 am. Although you could make your own burrito, bowl, or chimichanga (deep fried burrito), they've also got some intense specialty burritos. Por ejemplo, the Gringo Burrito with grilled chicken, Monterey jack cheese, bacon, ranch, and shredded chicken. Next time I am leaving the bars at 2 am, I will dream about this burrito

3. Ames, Iowa - El Azteca

Voted as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Iowa, El Azteca serves Iowa State students authentic burritos with a unique twist. If you get a chance to make it, either order the Burritos Ruleta, filled with chicken and topped with nacho sauce, or the Azteca Special, deep fried burrito filled with chicken. This restaurant alone proves that Iowa has one of the most underrated food scenes of all 50 states.

4. Boulder, Colorado - Centro Mexican Kitchen

Centro Mexican Kitchen complements CU Boulder's happy, care-free vibe with its soulful Mexican cuisine and welcoming environment. The two burritos on their menu are complete standouts and deserve to be eaten every day, all day. Their Breakfast Burrito has hash browns, chorizo scramblers, asadero, rajas, and is, like all breakfast burritos should be, smothered in chile verde. Their dinner burrito is a Fried Chicken Mole Burrito. Since mole may be the best sauce in existence, this burrito places Centro Mexican Kitchen as the best Mexican restaurant in Boulder. 

5. Berkeley, California - La Mission

One day a simple Taco Bell in West Berkeley was granted a wish from its fairy godmother. It wished to become a real, authentic Mexican place with burritos that will knock your socks off. It was that day, that Taco Bell transformed into La Mission. La Mission is a small, bustling joint right off of UC Berkeley's campus offering some of the best mole you will ever have and burritos with Colorado pork chile or chile verde chicken. La Mission is also one of the only restaurants on campus that is open until midnight so you have an outlet for those late night munchies.

6. Davis, California - Taqueria Guadalajara Grill

UC Davis students are lucky enough to be in the presence of Taqueria Guadalajara Grill. Since their first location in 1991, TGTacos has been devoted to serving home-style authentic Mexican food. You can make your own burrito, ranging from a Regular size to a Super Giant burrito. Although these burritos are DIY, their authentic Mexican sides and platos, like tamales and chile rellenos, makes TGTacos superior to your regular ol' Chipotle. 

7. Irvine, California - La Sirena Grill

La Sirena Grill's burritos are like cake by the ocean. They take advantage of their close proximity to the sea by making blackened fish calamari burritos. The burritos are then filled with siren cabbage, jack cheese, guacamole, and your choice of beans and rice, making the burrito taste simple and fresh. 

Additionally, La Sirena Grill encourages "responsible eating" by minimizing waste and maximizing sustainable practices, like building their dining room out of reclaimed wood, earning them the nickname of "MexECO Eatery." 

8. Princeton, New Jersey - Tortuga's Mexican Village

Tortuga's motto is, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one cannot dine well," and therefore, they make burritos that have the ability to power you through life. While their burritos are served as a plato combined with rice and beans, you still have the ability to personalize the ingredients. You can choose your filling and your sauce (verde, mole, or roja), which is ideal because a smothered burrito is a happy burrito. 

9. Lawrence, Kansas - Burrito Brothers

Hannah Bettis

Burrito Bros is a part of the University of Kansas student's lifestyle. Not only is it right in the middle of the Kansas City Market, but it has a menu that is healthy, affordable, and delicioso. All of the meats are cooked with love and care and there are vast vegetarian options like portobello mushrooms and steamed spinach. Pair that burrito with a Jarrito and enjoy.

10. Decorah, Iowa - Don Jose

Don Jose has a vibrant menu and environment that is sure to brighten the mood of any Luther College student or Decorah resident. All of the burritos are made to order and served with beans and rice. There are several options, but most popular is the Burrito Beef Colorado, a beef filling topped with red sauce and melted cheese. You can have a burrito made with a whole wheat tortilla as well, if you're trying to get more grains in your diet. 

11. Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Cosmic Cantina

Just the fact that Cosmic Cantina is open until 5 am proves that this place is poppin'. They are committed to providing healthy, filling Mexican food to those who desperately need it aka the drunchie/munchie-loving and the hungover. The tortillas are handmade from low-fat oil and filled with the simplest, freshest ingredients. But of course, at 4 am a burrito is simply not enough. Therefore, you must deep fry it and order a chimichanga. 

12. Provo, Utah - Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio's manifesto is to make everything from scratch. That means that everything can be made in house, is made in house. For example, Cafe Rio makes their own tortillas, sauces, and obviously guacamole. Even though Cafe Rio is a chain, the company makes an effort for each individual restaurant to get locally sourced produce. You can make your own burritos based on six great filling options including sweet pork and fire grilled salmon. Although there are locations all across the Southwest, BYU students are loyal to the Cafe Rio brand.

13. Tempe, Arizona - Aunt Chilada's 

Since 1986, Aunt Chilada has served delicious Mexican fare. One of their specialities (and most definitely the best burrito in Tempe) is the Burro Verde, which has green chile with meat, topped with green sauce and cheese. Enjoy that burrito at the casita style dining room or the cantina patio for an unforgettable experience.

14. Fort Collins, Colorado - La Luz

La Luz has been making famous fish tacos and awesome burritos since 1997, making sure every customer experience a fresh, tasty meal. With classic BYOB (build your own burritos) and more unique burritos like the Pesto Chicken Burrito, CSU students have themselves a go-to food stop. Make sure you stop by La Luz for Margarita Mondays and Tequila Tuesdays for some fantastic happy hour deals. 

15. Columbia, Missouri - El Rancho

El Rancho targets University of Missouri students by selling affordable, fast, authentic Mexican food. You can choose between a Fajita Burrito, Burrito Grande or a Burrito Supreme (though obviously, you should order the supreme). The Burrito Supreme is a beef burrito topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes. Trust us, a burrito topped smothered in queso may be worth a trip to Missouri.

16. Newton, Massachusetts - Tango Mango

Tango Mango was literally created in order to serve the young adult's burrito cravings. Since, Lasell College students have had the pleasure to enjoy their tasty Mexican food. Tango Mango has a variety of burrito options, but a stand out is definitely the Southwestern Burrito — hot and spicy sausage with sautéed peppers and onions, and the rest of the classic burrito fix-ins. 

17. Iowa City, Iowa - La Regia Taqueria

Although La Regia Taqueria are known for their tacos, they still earn the title of having the best burritos in Iowa City. Like many other Mexican joints on this list, you can opt for a Regular or a Supreme Burrito, or you can go big and get the California Burrito with fries inside the burrito. If Californians eat their burritos with fries, I definitely need to move.

18. Coral Gables, Florida - Salsa Fiesta Grill

With locations all across Florida, Salsa Fiesta Grill aims to authentic Mexican along with a refreshing energy. In Coral Gables, one of the most spirited locations, University of Miami students get to choose from a variety of burritos, such as the Mexicano or the Hot Tamale, which comes with spicy beans, jalapeños, rajas, and hot tamale sauce. 

19. Santa Barbara, California - Los Agaves

Ranked as the best Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara, UCSB students are lucky to have Los Agaves in their viscidity. Although the restaurant has a casual, hacienda-style vibe, the menu is sophisticated and features a more extensive menu than most restaurants on this list (though who are we kidding, we're still going to get the burrito). Their staple, the Agave Burrito, comes with fresh halibut and shrimp, red peppers and onions and Monterey jack cheese, and is topped with lettuce, guac, and chipotle sauce. This is the fish burrito you have always dreamed about.

20. Hanover, New Hampshire - Boloco

Boloco takes 'choice' to an entirely new level, offering burritos that defy the norm. Rather than eating the typical Mexican burrito, you can try one of their original varieties, like the Bangkok Thai Burrito or the Tikka Masala Burrito. This place will open up an entirely new world of ingredients you can fit inside of a tortilla. 

21. Norman, Oklahoma - Pepe Delgados

Just the thought of this burrito makes me want to transfer to University of Oklahoma. The Burrito Loco: basically just a giant amazing burrito topped with fresh ranchero sauce, melted cheese, sour cream and avocado sauce. Pepe Delgados knows what they are doing. 

22. Charlottesville, Virginia - Mono Loco

Mono Loco, or Crazy Monkey, is a neaveau-Latin offering a modern twist to classic latin cuisine. This theme is fully displayed in their burritos, like the Pollo Loco Burrito filled with grilled chicken with plantain-sweet potato salsa and homemade ranchero sauce. 

23. State College, Pennsylvania - Mad Mex

Mad Mex uses American, Mexican, Southeast Asian, and Spanish flavors in order to create a funky-fresh menu. They've got innovative burritos that complement the Penn State lifestyle, like the Dance Marathon Burrito, filled with spicy spinach, portobellos, black beans, and Jack cheese.

24. West Lafayette, Indiana - Fiesta Mexican Grill

Fiesta Mexican Grill offers Purdue students an alternative to the basic Chipotle burritos. Fiesta makes BYOB (build your own burrito) gourmet by using house-made tortillas, and making it southwest style by smothering it with green or red sauce and melted cheese. All of the burritos are made fresh and fast, so they are a perfect excuse for a study break.

25. Madison, Wisconsin - La Bamba

As University of Wisconsin is a Big 10 school, it is fitting that La Bamba's burritos are as big as your head. These burritos are made with no overwhelming flair or frills. Just a simple, huge-ass burrito filled with your choice of meat, beans and rice. 

26. Amherst Town, Massachusetts - The Mission Cantina

The Mission Cantina is a bright and colorful Mexican joint that is sure to fill you with positive vibes. Although there is a slight Day of the Dead theme, their burritos fills UMass and Amherst students with life. It is absolutely necessary to order a Burrito Ahogado which is the standard burrito smothered in spicy enchilada sauce. 

27. Salt Lake City, Utah - Red Iguana

Featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and consistently awarded Salt Lake City's best restaurant, it is no surprise that Red Iguana has the city's greatest burritos. Every one of their Gourmet Burritos are unforgettable, but you absolutely must try their Two Machacha Burritos: refried beans with slow cooked shredded beef, onion, tomato, and egg rolled in a flour tortilla. 

28. Northfield, Minnesota - El Triunfo

Although Northfield may not exactly be known for having fantastic food, El Triunfo exists in order to revive the St. Olaf and Carleton College students. For a surprisingly low price, you can get a jammed packed burrito with all the classic fix-ins (the chorizo is the fan favorite), and even a cute lil' side salad.

29. Carlisle, Pennsylvania - Neato Burrito

Neato Burrito is a classic BYOB Mexican joint with a trendy 50s diner vibe. They (obviously) specialize in burritos made with healthy, high quality ingredients. None of their ingredients are fried, every ingredient (aside from the meat fillings) are vegetarian based, and there are gluten-free options for everything on the menu. If there was an ideal restaurant for the health conscious millennial population, this would be it.

30. Golden, Colorado - Bonfire Burritos

This being the third Colorado burrito making our list, it is obvious that Colorodoans are good at rolling more than one thing. Bonfire Burritos is a Mexican food cart that serves Golden residents street-style burritos daily. The Bonfire Crew is most well known for their breakfast burritos, specifically, the Burro, which comes with eggs, hash brown, sausage, anaheim peppers, jalapeño, cheddar cheese, chipotle cream, and green chile. 

31. Manhattan, Kansas - Taco Lucha

What started out as a quaint taco stand, blossomed into the brilliant, colorful Mexican joint that Taco Lucha is today. With great tacos with an American twist, and unforgettable burritos, like the Roasted Pork, filled with slow roasted pork (obviously), tinga sauce, smothered with chile verde and cheddar cheese, Taco Lucha makes Manhattan, Kansas stand a chance against Manhattan in New York. Oh... and the burritos are served with tater tots.

32. Davidson, North Carolina - Carrburritos

Carrburritos is a trendy BYOB joint that has large seating space, ideal for feasting with friends. The burritos fillings run from the typical Carnitas (although, their pork is slow roasted with tomatillos and beer) to the innovative Pure de Papas with mashed sweet potatoes and caramelized onions. 

33. Fayetteville, Arkansas - Flying Burrito

For 14 years, Flying Burrito has provided University of Arkansas students with the burrito of their dreams. Pack those relatively simple ingredients into a MOAB (Mother of all Burritos). The five pound burrito will not weigh you down from taking flight. 

34. Grinnell, Iowa - Taco John's

Imagine if Taco Bell took some self-help classes, looked in the mirror, and truly realized it had the potential to do more... to be more — that Taco Bell would become Taco John's. Taco John's is a medium-sized fast food chain offering fresh Mexican food in an original way. Grinnell College students take advantage of this establishment by ordering the Super Burrito which comes with beef, refried beans, and so much more. Pair those with some Potatoes Oles and you'll never crave another taco place again.                                               

35. Oberlin, Ohio - Agave

Since 2003, Agave has been known for serving delicious Mexican-American fusion cuisine and a laid back collegy hipster vibe. This means that you can enjoy a burrito made to your preferences while listening to slam poetry at their weekly open mic nights. 

36. Auburn, Alabama - Taco Mama

Taco Mama is the kind of place that makes a kid happy. Maybe it is the fun, bright decor. Maybe it is the wonderful Burrito Baskets, like the Grilled Fisherman filled with flounder, ancho chile slaw, avocado, tomatoes, and roasted poblano tartar. Maybe it is the fact that they have Mexican Mac and Cheese. Either way, Auburn's Taco Mama is a happy happy place.

37. San Luis Obispo, California - Taqueria Santa Cruz Express

You know that a Mexican restaurant is authentic as heck when they have "el pastor" on the menu. This is slow cooked pork, grilled on a vertical pole like Shawarma. So when you see pastor on Taqueria Santa Cruz, you better order that meat with the 49's Burrito. Aside from the pastor, that will come with rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream, smothered in enchilada sauce. 

38. Moraga, California - Casa Gourmet Burrito

Casa Gourmet Burrito may appear to be the typical hole-in-the-wal Mexican spot, but little did you know it has some of the most creative burritos on this list. Casa integrates cajun, creole, Indian, Chinese, and Thai flavors into their wholesome burritos in order to create an original experience. Though you'll want to return over and over again in order to taste all of their burritos, I recommend starting with the Spicy Curry Chicken — it adds the perfect kick to the chicken burrito that you know and love

39. Lubbock, Texas - Picantes

Picantes is just your average, heart warming, grandma's authentic Mexican spot, sitting right outside of Texas Tech's campus. Of course, there is one component of the menu that is gloriously Americanized — queso. The best burritos at Picantes come smothered in their house-made queso. We could potentially argue that the best of everything comes smothered in queso.

40. Denton, Texas - Taqueria Guanajuato

Clearly, Texas college towns have got the hook up on burrito joints. Taqueria Guanajuato, near University of North Texas, has some of the best street tacos in the state and burritos made with incredibly well seasoned meat. The standout burrito is the Al Pastor, boasting spicy flavors and a tender bite.

41. Siloam Springs, Arkansas - Taqueria El Rancho

This is another Mexican joint where the Super Burrito is so powerfully wonderful that it likely has the ability to fight crime and save us from certain terrors or stressful exams. Taqueria El Rancho's Super Burrito. It is the size of a small toddler and topped with ranchero sauce (and sometimes queso) and is often eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by John Brown University students.

42. Evanston, Illinois - The Supreme Burrito #1

When the place is actually called "The Supreme Burrito," you've got to hope that the burritos are top notch. Northwestern students will let you in on a little secret... they are. Large burritos are only $5.50 and all of the burritos are made to order. It's the kind of burrito that you look at the same way you look at a significant other.

43. Brunswick, Maine - Big E's

Big E's is a made to order, fast casual Mexican spot featuring familiar ingredients with flavors that dance in your mouth. This includes hot mango salsa and maple cayenne roasted sweet potatoes. This fresh, new take on the burrito causes Big E's to stand superior to Chipotle in Bowdoin student's eyes

44. Clemson, South Carolina - Super Taco

Super Taco is made to please Clemson students, offering wonderful burritos at a low price. They even offer fresh avocado at no additional price — that is unheard of these days. Students can even get these burritos delivered to their room through "tigerstogo," because sometimes, you just want to burrito and chill. 

45. Gainesville, Florida - La Tienda Latina

Right off of University of Florida's campus lies a cheap, authentic Mexican gem with tasty fajita veggies and possibly the best steak burrito you will ever eat. La Tienda Latina is partly a Mexican market so you know that every ingredient in their burritos are never frozen, never canned, and top of the line. This spot deserves to be on every UF student's bucket list.

46. St. Peter, Minnesota - El Agave

El Agave is a family run, full service Mexican restaurant, offering high quality culinary skills with a fresh take of Mexican cuisine. Each of their burritos are simple, but exemplifies a wide range of flavors. We recommend the Burrito Cancun, filled with grilled shrimp and chicken, and onions and tomatoes, smothered with melted cheese. 

47. Corvallis, Oregon - El Sol de Mexico

Look at this beautiful burrito. This burrito could propose to me and I would happily accept and we would have a glorious life together, full of love, laughs, and cheesy goodness. El Sol De Mexico, which sits right by Oregon State University, may not be anything innovative, but man, does it satisfy. The Macho Burrito is huge and flavorful and everything you could ever want in a burrito/soul mate. 

48. Williamsburg, VA - La Terraza Mexican Grill

Yeah, Williamsburg, VA may be historically famous because of the American Revolution, but it also has fantastic burritos which is truly what the American dream is all about. La Terraza has got an extensive list of burrito options that would please any William & Mary student, but a standout is the Burrito Mexicano, a beef tip burrito with beans topped with nacho cheese. Have I made it clear yet that I like cheese?

49. Bloomington, Indiana - Laughing Planet Cafe

Laughing Planet Cafe, with dozens of locations across the country, is all about burritos, bowls, and goofiness. Therefore, the vibe and the grub is the perfect hub for Indiana University students. Laughing Planet has got a great menu of burritos that suits both the meat lovers, and the plant eaters. Even the Tempeh Royale, with black beans, tempeh, kale, pico, and fresh guac sounds irresistible. 

50. Morgantown, West Virginia - Black Bear Burritos

Black Bear Burritos offers a new spin on the classic burrito, serving all ethnic cuisines, with Mexican bases. This means you can find something like the Mr. Teri Yaki burrito, with a protein, rice, steamed broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and sweet teriyaki sauce. This means that no matter what your craving, Black Bear will have a burrito for you. West Virginia University students are lucky to have such a gem.