When we think of Colorado, we give thanks for beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, a world class football team, and the setting for South Park, but the state offers more than nature and… well other green things. Some of our favorite restaurants were conceived in the mile high. Whether we want to grab some Noodles or a juicy burger, we should give thanks to Colorado.

1. Noosa Yoghurt


Photo courtesy of noosayoghurt.com

If you’re looking for a snack, Noosa is what you’re looking for. It’s “a labor of love” and it will definitely capture your heart. With more than ten flavors, each spoonful has enough tang to tickle your taste buds. If you’re looking for more variety, we can help with that. Some flavors are limited to time and region, but be sure to check out these others near you.

2. Justin’s Nut Butter


Photo courtesy of justins.com

Justin’s is more than just peanut butter. Whether you are into hazelnuts, almonds, or the sweeter things in life, Justin’s is for you. From snack packs to your backpack, nut butter comes in different sizes. The 1.15 oz pack is perfect for a quick bite of protein but if you’re looking for something bigger try looking at this cookbook, Justin My Kitchen.

3. Noodles and Company


Photo courtesy of @ms.serendipity_ on Instagram

Tell me that you don’t crave mac and cheese from Noodles on the daily. Your favorite noodle shop hails from the mountains and is always spicing up their menu. Just because they prohibit certain ingredients, doesn’t mean their food lacks quality, it actually makes it better.

4. Smashburger


Photo courtesy of smashburger.com

If you’re looking for one of the best burgers around, Smashburger has your back. They are known for the way they cook their Angus beef and fresh ingredients. If you don’t eat meat, they have delicious black bean options just for you. From Colorado green chile to Kansas City barbecue, they have a specialty burger depending on your region. If you’re looking for something sweeter, their strawberry shakes won’t disappoint.

5. Chipotle


Photo courtesy of chipotle.com

What’s better than a Chipotle burrito? A free Chipotle burrito. The company continues to try to make up for health controversy and all that means for the consumer is $40 million dollars of free Mexican food. If you’re addicted to Chipotle like the rest of us, nothing will stop you from filling up on guac. Despite the recent controversy and scares, this Colorado company stays #1 in all of our hearts.

6. Celestial Seasonings


Photo courtesy of @celestialtea on Instagram

If you’re a tea lover, Celestial is probably sounding familiar. They have an assortment of tea for just about anybody and any mood. If you’re ready for warmer days, try out the fruitier selection and get ready to begin your summer.

7. Coors


Photo courtesy of @wilkins163 on Instagram

If you’re a beer drinker and ever been to Colorado, you know that Coors taste like crisp, mountain air – not really, but that’s where it was made. The second-most popular beer in America started up in Golden, Colorado. Coors offers a variety of drinks for any consumer. If you’re not 21, the Colorado company offers non-alcoholic beverages for all ages and you’d also be able to cook with this great drink.

8. Einstein Brothers Bagels


Photo courtesy of einsteinbros.com

It’s very unlikely that you have never had breakfast from Einstein’s. Whether it be a bagel or an egg sandwich, delicious breakfast comes naturally to this Colorado company. The next time you’re in the mood for a Nutella topped bagel, look for a location near you.

9. Qdoba


Photo courtesy of @bgqdoba on Instagram

The duel between Qdoba and Chipotle should be nicknamed The Great Debate 2.0. Everyone you talk to seems to have an opinion on which chain is better. In Qdoba’s corner, we have taco salads and free guac. Yep, you read that right – there is no extra charge for freshly smashed avocado on your burrito. Check out both chains and decide which one is your favorite.

10. Quiznos


Photo courtesy of quiznos.com

It might have been a while since you’ve had Quiznos but if your taste buds are looking to reminisce, head down to your nearest location and try out their new sandwiches. Quiznos has spiced up their menu and added plenty of new options.

11. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory


Photo courtesy of rmcf.com

Some of the world’s best chocolate comes out of Colorado. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory takes the classic caramel apple and adds a major twist to make it the best you’ve ever had. Of course, the assortment varies depending on the region, but some flavors never change. With an inch thick layer of caramel, chocolate, and pecans, the Pecan Bear is loaded with flavor. Make the trip and try one out, you won’t be disappointed.

12. Red Robin


Photo courtesy of @julieisforlovers on Instagram

If your mouth is watering just looking at that picture, take a look at all of these. Red Robin moved from California to Colorado in 1996 and ever since, their options have been mouthwatering. If you’re scared of carbs, they offer to make your burger a lettuce wrap anytime you want. If you can’t get the Red Robin jingle out of your head, maybe it’s time to try their new Ramen Burger.