My first year of college was somewhat a blur. So many new people, places and classes. However, I clearly remember my first year in Oregon Spoon. How could I not? Collaborating  with such a food-obsessed, quirky and hilarious group was one of the best things I did in college. Not only did I meet people who are just as obsessed with food as I am but I grew as a leader, a writer and as an eater too. I also created connections with people all across the United States and built my resume. It is truly an amazing feeling to see an article you have worked so hard on be nationally recognized. So here are five reasons why you, yes you, should join Oregon Spoon.



Have you ever been that person who talks aimlessly about food? Have you ever tried a food dish that was so delicious that when you were finished you were at a loss for words? Well, thanks to Oregon Spoon you can further explore the food culture of Eugene, Oregon. Never been to Tacovore? No problem. Oregon Spoon exposes you the great Eugene food culture that is always ever evolving.

2. Can I Just Say National Publication?


Hey, Spoon University is legit, too legit to quit. With over 100+ campuses and some good street cred, people are definitely turning heads to see what’s in store next. And who knows, maybe your article, video, or photo will end up on some rad sites. And just think, when sites share your article and people click on it you can have thousands of people reading YOUR work. Your work can end up on sites such as BuzzFeed Food, Yahoo Food and Huffington Post Food. Yep, I said BuzzFeed.

3. Letting Those Creative Juices Fly


As a member of Oregon Spoon, we value ideas and innovation. Want to pitch an article about the best drinking games to play while watching the premier of American Horror Story? Awesome. Want to make a recipe for a double-layer chocolate and red velvet cake? Heck yes. At Oregon Spoon, feel free to come up with unique articles or ideas. Because you gotta let those ideas shine.

4. Builds Your Resume


Want to do something that relates to your major? Marketing? Public relations? Journalism? Or want to get involved for fun? Join Oregon Spoon for all those reasons above and more. You not only get to be introduced to the world of food but you are also meeting people who are in different fields. Plus for all you Journalism students, all your work can be put into your portfolio.

5. Totally Cliche, But You Get to Make New Friends


Here at Oregon Spoon, we are passionate about what we do. There are many things in life we value, but when it comes down to it food and friends are the basic necessities a person needs. Good food to make your stomach happy, and good friends to share the amazing meal with. And we want YOU to be a part of the Oregon Spoon team.

So come on, what are you waiting for? We are open this Fall for applications, just check out our homepage to apply! Food unites people, so join this kickass foodie publication that is changing the way people look at food.