E. coli has been the talk of the town for the past few months. It has affected chicken salad from Costco, the Holiday Turkey panini from Starbucks, and even our beloved Chipotle. Chipotle may have vowed to clean up its act, but now federal authorities are investigating the outbreak. Obviously, Chipotle burritos are near and dear to our hearts, but so is personal safety.

On February 8th, Chipotle will be closing every location for a nationwide food safety meeting. If you are worried about getting your fix without some added bacteria (unlike the majority of Americans who’d rather die of E.coli than stop eating Chipotle), we’ve got you covered.


Photo by Hayden Carder

As we wait until this E. coli scare is gone, here are some delicious burritos for every meal. You don’t even need to pay extra for guac.

1. Omelette


Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Forget about that toast with butter on the side. Just put an omelette in a wrap and call it a burrito.

2. Burrito Bowl


Photo by Grant Sorbo

Because sometimes you’re just craving one. Nuff’ said.

3. Sushi Burrito


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Forget about sushi rolls falling apart before they even get into your mouth (and the fact that you still don’t know how to use chop sticks). No one will ever know with this burrito.

4. Veggie Breakfast Burrito


Photo by Caroline Liu

If you’re a fellow veggie lover, this one’s for you.

5. Chili


Photo by Santina Renzi

We’re called Spoon University for a reason, but who needs spoons when you can eat chili in a tortilla? The messier the food, the better it tastes.

6. Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich


Photo by Emily Hu

For those times when you are out of bread or too lazy to make French toast. This peanut butter banana burrito will satisfy your need for a sandwich and your French toast craving all at once.

7. Seafood Quesadilla


Photo by Wendy Zhou

Instead of putting chicken or steak in a burrito, simply put some shrimp in there. It’s an even tastier experience in quesadilla form.

8. Burrito Casserole


Photo by Austin Allem

Mom’s casseroles are a staple in our diet whenever we come home. Next time, tell her to try this burrito-inspired casserole because we all need to fill our Chipotle void somehow.

9. Burrito Lasagna


Photo courtesy of cookiesandcups.com

Dad’s favorite dish to make. Again, inspired by Chipotle… at least before the outbreak.

10. Pizzadilla


Photo by Bailey Culpepper, Design by Shira Beder

Forget about ordering Domino’s. This pizza recipe will trump any slice without breaking the bank.

11. Tortilla Churros


Photo by Judy Holtz

No need to go to the fair or a theme park. You can make these spin-off churros yourself, and you’ll probably like ’em better, too.

12. Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas


Photo courtesy of justataste.com

Cheesecake could be hands down one of the best desserts invented, because cheese. What’s better is that you can enjoy it in burrito form. Problem solved.

Sorry Chipotle, looks like we can cope until you get your sh*t together.