Let's just say your friend is coming to visit from home. You both are broke, and lets be real, you both have to eat. Depending on which friend is visiting here in Williamsburg, you might want to try a few different places to eat. Here's where you should grab food on William and Mary's campus. 

Your Pickiest Friend...

Ansley Levine

Take them to one of the main dining halls, either Sadler Center or the Commons. This ensures that when they complain that they don't like anything they are offering, you can tell them to get cereal or toast. It's easy to navigate and there are always a ton of options.

Your Friend That Eats for Twenty...

caramel, sundae, chocolate, cream, ice, ice cream
Devon Bortz

Take them to The Crust Cafe. That way you can each get your own pizza (or your friend can get two) with a skillet cookie to end the night. Your friend will leave with a satisfied belly and you will leave with money still in your pocket. 

Your Night Owl Friend...

chicken, avocado
Alexis Dorsey

Take them to Late Night. There are a ton of options there or you can grab Qdoba. Honestly, you can't go wrong there. And if you have that one friend that never wants Qdoba because they "can't ignore their love for Chipotle" tell them to reconsider and maybe give them a blind taste test. Dining dollars are at stake here.

Your Hipster Friend...

cream, mocha, chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Alexis Dorsey

Take them to either Swemromas or the Daily Grind. While you can't go wrong with the Daily Grind, it is real world money. To get the same chill vibes and use your beloved flex, hit up Swemromas. you can grab a chai or a nice bagel. Either way you get food, so that's a win.

Finally For Your Friend That Is Good With Anything...

Klaire Gubler

Go to Pita Pit because that place has everything you could ever desire. With two different types of hummus and at least 10 different sauces there are endless combinations.  You can get the ever famous pita with all the hummus, or you can grab a smoothie on the go. No matter what you get at Pita Pit you are guaranteed to be happy and full.

With all these options, you and your friend are guaranteed to have a food-filled visit, without breaking the bank. All my friends that have visited have loved each restaurant or dining hall I have taken them to. No matter where you take them, you are guaranteed to have a great time, you are after all in the 'Burg.