Are you currently looking for an organization to join? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of your options at Texas Tech? Look no further, Spoon is here, and we want YOU.

What is Spoon University? In short, It's an international food publication (yeah, food) created for college students, by students. All of us have known the struggle of dorm life living. It can be really tough figuring out how to cook for yourself, buy your own groceries, and learn how to do this thing we call "adulting." That's what Spoon is here for. We make the lives of college students easier, so they have one less thing to worry about. Here's why you should join Spoon University at Texas Tech.

You Get To Talk and Write About Food 

You obviously clicked on this article for a reason, you must love food and everything about it (but who doesn't, right?). When you join our team, you'll get to talk about your love of food at events and you'll get to write about food and get published (the feeling of seeing your name under an article is irreplaceable). By joining this organization, you'll get to share your thoughts and ideas, and get legit credit for it. 

You'll Meet New People

But even better, you'll meet fellow college foodies. You'll get to connect and collaborate with people you never thought you would meet! Plus, we all have one thing in common, and thats our love of food! How great is that? Why not hang out with a bunch of new people and talk about food? You may be asking yourself, "Does such a wonderful place exist?!"...well my friends, yes, it does. 

You'll Get MAJOR Resume Points

Every college student these days needs to have something else on their resume besides what they majored in and their GPA...Employers want to see your personality!

What better way to show you've got something else to bring to the table, then by joining Spoon? Also, since we're just starting out, you'll get to call yourself one of the very first members. That definitely shows you've got some leadership skills no one else can compete with. You might even get to call yourself a FOUNDING member. Wow, that's cool. 

You Can Tap Into Your Creative Side

Some people think they can't join Spoon because they're not a "creative" major. NOT TRUE. There are no major requirements, we only require that you LOVE FOOD and having fun!

You'll get to write about anything you want, and show your creative side that is itching to get out. If you have an idea (and it gets approved by HQ), you get to write about it. How awesome is that? There really isn't any limitations. 

You Could Be FAMOUS

You read that right...FAMOUS. Do you know how many people visit the per month? MILLIONS. If your article is out of this world, it could even be featured on sites like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and so many others!

I know what you must be thinking: How can I be on this AWESOME team? All you have to do is apply here. Easy as pie. While your doing that, go ahead and follow us on Instagram and Facebook too. If you're curious about what we do, check out this article about the best places to go to Lubbock for every cuisine.