My fellow students, let's be honest, Lubbock isn't known for having the best variety of food. However, if you've been here long enough, you know that we have a lot more to offer than people realize. From Chinese to Italian, we've got it all. It's all about where you go, you just gotta know the secret spots. Texas is so much more diverse than you think, so I created the ultimate guide to finding the best places to eat in Lubbock. 

American Cuisine

Blue Sky is your all American one-stop-shop in Lubbock. They've got a bomb burger, but also some down home chicken fried steak. You can't go wrong. (Side note: give their sweet potato fries a shot, you won't regret it.)

#SpoonTip: Try the Eggtastic burger. It's life-changing. 


Oh (Queso), Chuy's Restaurant is the bee's knee's if you're craving a good enchilada, and their 'boom boom' sauce is what dreams are made of. Don't miss out on their happy hour from 4pm-7pm, the fully loaded nacho cars are FREE. 


Craving some carbs? Need a taste of Italy? Go to Italian Garden PRONTO. ASAP Rocky. Why are you still reading this? 


Tikka Shack is pretty new to LBK, but nonetheless, it's delicious. The Butter Masala is a favorite of many, and throw a Shack Naan in the mix and you've got a gourmet Indian cuisine.


Oh Thai Pepper, how we love you so. The food is cheap, but the taste is $$$$. If you find yourself in the mood for thai food, this is the place to go.


Hayashi Midtown is the best for your sushi and hibachi needs. I know you're eyeing those sushi rolls...what are you waiting for? Go get em' tiger. 


Ribs? Check. Brisket? Check. The best dang BBQ sauce you'll ever taste? Check. The Shack BBQ has everything you carnivores crave, and then some. If you're not a fan of potato salad, you will be after eating here. 


Tapas, tapas, tapas! Who doesn't love ordering a bunch of appetizers and chowing down? La Diosa Cellars has the BEST sangria in LBK. Trust us, we've been to Spain, we know good sangria when we taste it. 


Walk-on's has many choices, but their cajan food is BY FAR the best on the menu. Their boom boom shrimp is unforgettable, so order that for your appetizer. Thank us later.


Just want some decadent cupcakes, or delicious ice cream? This bonus section is for you. 

Best Queso

This one was tough, as there are so many places with good queso...but Torchy's takes the crown. 

Best Cupcakes 

If you've been to The Ruffled Cup, you understand this decision. If you haven't been there, what are you doing reading this article. Pro tip: The peanut butter cup (pictured) is a MUST try.

Best Breakfast

chocolate, crepe, pancake
corey tate

I know Pancake House is a staple in LBK, but Red Zone Cafe wins this round. PH is a VERY close second though. 

Best Margarita

Just look at that picture...How can one not name Ruby's the king of margarita's in Lubbock? Don't get me wrong Chimy's is great, but if you're going off of taste, Ruby Tequila's wins. 

Best Ice Cream

goody, sweet, cake, banana, cream, chocolate
corey tate

Not only does Holly Hop's make homemade ice cream every day, but the place is retro themed! That add's all the right vibes. So far, every flavor we've tried is bomb, but this banana split was bae. 


Still don't think Lubbock has what you're craving? If you look in the right places, you'll find exactly what you want. You just have to know where, but that's what Spoon is here for.