In a town where there is not much to do but eat and drink, we make our situation nothing to be ashamed about. Jayhawks are crazy about their traditions, and food is one of them. If you’re up for adding a new quirky craving to your pallet, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Lawrence, where:

We put honey on our pizza on the reg

food combos

Photo by Lauren Gracey

Drizzled or dipped – honey with a slice of pizza from the iconic bar, The Wagon Wheel, is an essential for every weekend spent out in Lawrence. Try it once and I guarantee you will never eat pizza the same again.

We invented “The Bill Self”

food combos

Photo courtesy of @m_ddym on Instagram

A tribute to KU’s head basketball coach created by local restaurant, 23rd Street Brewery, is a testament to our Jayhawk pride. The combination of two American classics – crispy buffalo chicken heaped on top of thick and creamy mac is enough to gain the freshman 15 in one day, but worth every bite.

We live for cream cheese on our pizza

food combos

Photo courtesy of @beezysneezy on Instagram

They aren’t kidding when they say Lawrence is a total college town. Thanks to a mom and pop shop by the name of Pizza Shuttle, late night delivery service never sounded so good. Available until 3 am, that extra cream cheese layer comes in clutch when the drunchies kick in.

We crave crunchy chicken cheddar wraps" src="" alt="food combos" width="770" height="552" />

Photo courtesy of James Hoyt/Kansan from

A dining hall staple served at nearly every food merchant on campus was voted by students as one of the top 4 meals at KU.

We know “Moosebowls” always make for a good night

food combos

Photo courtesy of @kubullwinkles on Instagram

This deadly concoction including a plethora of different alcohols and flavor masking mixers is too pretty (and tasty) to let go to waste.