Don’t get me wrong, I adore Illegal Pete’s and Chipotle but there’s more to Boulder than just 29th Street Mall and The Hill. After spending three years eating my way through Boulder’s Mexican restaurants, I’ve managed to narrow it down to four of the best.

When it’s Tuesday: T|ACO

T|ACO is one of the coolest places in Boulder and their Taco Tuesday deal is killer. Literally every taco on their menu is yummy; it’ll be hard for you to narrow your choices down. The PBLTB and Mango Caesar tacos are my personal favorites. T|ACO is also home to the most photogenic tacos in the world. You’ll have all of your Instagram followers drooling after you post your #TacoTuesday photo. PS – if you’re 21 you should definitely try one of their juicy margs.

Where it’s located: 1175 Walnut St. T|ACO is right next to Pearl Street Mall so if the weather’s nice the walk from campus isn’t far. If not, it’ll be about a $7-8 uber ride.

When you need something quick: Café Mexicali

guacamole, chicken
Ashlyn Pierceall

Café Mexicali is fast food just like Illegal Pete’s and Chipotle. They have some killer sauces to smother your burrito with and heaven sent chipotle sour cream. The best part about Café Mex is the rooftop deck so you can enjoy your food and an unbeatable view of the Flatirons. Before you check this place out make sure you sign up for their College Club so you can get 20% off your main entrée!

Where it’s located: 2850 Baseline Rd. If you live in Will Vill you’re just a short walk away from happiness smothered in green chile sauce.

When you’re craving super authentic Mexican: Efrain’s II

guacamole, meat, vegetable, chili, chicken
Ashlyn Pierceall

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Efrain’s. From their nachos to their burritos and fajitas, everything on this menu is perfect. If you go during their peak times you’ll get a lengthy wait time but it’s worth it. Just trust me on this one.

Tip: Take the heat scale on their menu very seriously because they don’t mess around.

Where it’s located: 1630 North 63rd St., Suite 10. Since they’re a little further from campus the Uber will be more expensive ($10+), if you have a car they’ve got lots of parking.

When you need something for everyone: Sancho’s

With an extensive menu even the pickiest eater in your friend group will find something here. You can never go wrong with their smothered Sancho burrito, especially because guac isn’t extra when you order one. Their prices are insanely reasonable considering the amount of food you get. You’ll go home with a happy tummy and tomorrow’s lunch.

Where it’s located: 2850 Iris Ave., Suite H. Sancho’s is about a $7-10 uber ride from campus but it’s worth the journey.

So the next time you’re craving some Mexican food don’t resort to easily accessible chain restaurants. Instead, grab some friends, call an uber and thank me later.