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James DeMoss

Finals week is stressful enough.  You shouldn't have to go to the library and be reminded that it's that time of the year where you want to rip your hair out because you have so much to do.  It's time to get out of the library and explore new study spots, specifically different coffee shops in Fort Collins.

I've mapped out some of Fort Collins' most popular and best coffee shops for you to grab some coffee and food, and get in the zone to kill those projects and exams.

1. The Alleycat Coffee House

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Brooke Buchan

Definitely one of the most popular coffee shops among students.  The Alleycat is located in an alley right across the street from campus on Laurel. It has a relaxing, yet focused atmosphere for you to get what needs doing, done.  Hungry? They have breakfast options and sandwiches that will feed your stomach and your brain.  Grab a cup or coffee or tea to wake yourself up.  And if you've been working hard for too long, take a well-deserved break and grab one of the board games they provide.  You may feel like a hipster when you walk in, or is that just me?

2. Wild Boar Café

This hot spot is also right across the street from campus on College Ave.  The Wild Boar is set up like a restaurant, but also has that vibe to it where you still feel like you can study and get work done.  They also have coffee and breakfast and sandwich options to fuel yourself for the busy day ahead of you.  

3. The Bean Cycle

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James DeMoss

Need to get a little farther away from campus? The Bean Cycle is in Old Town and looks small from the outside.  You'll be pleasantly surprised when you take a step inside to find that it's actually a pretty big spot.  With two floors, you will be able to find your perfect spot.  Take your pick of a big comfy couch or a table to start that project that's due at midnight.

4. Little Bird Bakeshop

beer, wine, coffee, tea
James DeMoss

Located in Old Town Square, the Little Bird Bakeshop looks like your typical little café that serves pastries and coffee.  It's not very big so there's not as much seating as The Bean Cycle, but that also means that there are fewer distractions.  All of its pastries are made in the bakeshop, so it's bound to be fresh and fill your stomach.

5. Everyday Joe's Coffee House

Not quite in Old Town, but pretty close.  Everyday Joe's is on Mason Street.  It's a pretty large coffee house with a relaxing feel to it.  If you're looking for a quiet spot to study, make sure you figure out when they are hosting an event.  If noise is your kind of thing and you like to listen to music when you study, check out their event calendar to find out what's poppin' at Everyday Joe's.

6. Momo Lolo Coffee House

beer, wine, coffee, gastronomy, tea
Sadye Hazan

Momo Lolo's is a pretty average-sized coffee shop that's buzzing during the day.  There is a mix of couches or tables for you to take your picking.  When you walk in, you'll immediately notice that almost everyone is studying or working on something.  It feels like the library, but definitely not as depressing.  Not to mention they also have specialty lattes, including cinnamon bun and Nutella. 

7. Starbucks

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James DeMoss

If you want to channel your inner basic, just head over to Starbucks.  You don't need to be direction savvy to know where your nearest Starbucks is. Grab your favorite holiday drink in your favorite red cup, (maybe even order off their secret holiday menu,) find a seat, and get your brain working. 

No matter where you study, be sure to take care of yourself during this hectic time.  Don't get sick, try to eat healthily, and may the odds be ever in your favor.