Charleston is the one of the best places (if not the best) to run. There's gorgeous views and even more importantly it's about as flat as it gets. Although there are many positives to running in Charleston, if you don't know your way around, your run could take a turn for the worse. There's a lot of elements to running in Charleston that not a lot of people consider before going out there and I'm here to help you avoid these rookie mistakes.

1. Avoid the tourist-crammed streets (King/ East Bay/Meeting)

I remember freshman year I would always run up King to get back to campus and that was a major mistake. When in Charleston, people embrace the Southern walking pace and there is no way around them. Unless you want your sweaty body rubbing up against strangers, avoid the tourist traps.

2. Be wary of the drivers

People in Charleston may walk slow, but they drive fast. There is a city-wide speed limit of 25 mph, but no one seems to follow it. Remember what your parents taught you and look both ways. 

3. Take advantage of one-way streets

The sidewalks in Charleston can be uneven af, so run in the street if you can. Again, make sure it's not too busy of a street because that would defeat the purpose. Running in the street will take a lot of the heat off your ankles, trust me.

4. Take in the views

coffee, beer, water
Elise DeVoe

Instead of dreadfully staring at the time on the treadmill, get outside and take advantage of the views in our beautiful city. Running by the water not only gives you a great view, you also get a breeze to help your inevitably sweaty situation.

5. Fountains are your friend

When you're running in the Charleston heat, you have to find creative ways to cool yourself off. I always run by the fountain in Waterfront park when it's really hot. The thought of cooling off helps you get over the inevitable running wall.

6. Screw squats, run the Ravenel Bridge for a tight booty

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Elise DeVoe

Running the Ravenel Bridge is one of the most scenic runs in Charleston and that's saying something. Not only is it great scenery, that incline will do wonders for that booty you're trying to get (aren't we all). 

7. Know your route before you leave

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Elise DeVoe

If you don't know the Charleston area well, it's pretty easy to get lost or end up in a touristy area. You can either map out your own route before you leave or you can venture on the internet to find new routes.

8. Avoid cobblestone streets at all costs

Cobblestone street in historic Charleston.

denisbin on Flickr

Yes, we have cobblestone streets here. This one is pretty much self-explanatory, but unless you want a broken ankle, steer clear of the cobblestones.

9. Watch out for the carriage tours (and what the horses leave behind)

You can't avoid the carriages completely because they're everywhere, but try your best to avoid what the horses leave behind. Running is already tough enough, you don't need the added factor of breathing in horse fumes.

10. Get some sturdy shoes

Aly Sebold

The sidewalks in Charleston are anything but even, so you need some sturdy shoes. It's a miracle that I've been living here for 3 years and have yet to (completely) bust it.