Close your eyes and imagine the refreshed feeling you have after a good nights sleep, a long run or a yoga class. Your mind is empty and your ambitions are full. Keeping your mind healthy and happy is just as important as brushing your teeth twice a day. Headspace is an app that makes meditation easy and accessible, so your head can always be in the right place. 

The Concept 

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Headspace is an app and website that has developed and refined meditation techniques to make the practice accessible for everyone. Their goal is to cultivate awareness and compassion within the mind and within the world. Headspace achieves all of this through guided meditation. 

How It Works 

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The app is free and requires you to make a login, but I promise you, you won't regret it. Once your logged in and ready to go, the app guides your meditation, tracks your progress and reminds you to meditate regularly.

Headspace is not meant for meditation pros (although they are welcome). It helps people who are inexperienced learn the craft of meditation through "foundation" building. There are guided meditations for "Headspace pros", watch yourself level up, as you become more mindful. 

The app provides "singles", which are guided meditations that pin point a specific feeling or event you may have experienced. These are guided meditations for after a rough day, anxious moments, at work, on-the-go, working out and more. The app has a lot to offer and I'm not going to give up all of its secrets—I'll let you figure those out. 

Why You Need Headspace in Your Life

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Headspace makes meditation fun, innovate, interesting, and accessible. Why not take advantage of a cool app that puts the numerous benefits of meditation right at your fingertips. 

Eight weeks of meditation significantly improves total waking time and sleep quality. Health benefits include relief from stress, anxiety, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. Meditation increase IQ, pain tolerance and helps with weight loss. It is also beneficial in maintaining normal blood pressure. 

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The list of benefits from meditation is endless. I encourage you to do some meditation research, because you will be mind blown. Meditation soothes and relaxes the complex system that is your body. You will experience tranquility both internally and externally if you practice meditation. 

Anyone can meditate, in any position, in any place, at any time. There is no one "right way" to meditate, but Headspace has a new take on meditation that will make even the most fidgety person interested. I highly suggest downloading the app or checking out the website to receive all the benefits of meditation.