Playing a sport is like being in a relationship. In order to be with someone, you probably have a bucket list of things that need to be checked off before you give it the yes. For sports, you look for one that will build muscle, endurance, develop flexibility, probably even release stress, and definitely provide enjoyment.

Yoga is underratedly a sport within itself. You have to commit to it and you will see difference in your strength and flexibility if you practice. If you're not so athletically-gifted, yoga could be a great alternative option that will give you a lot of the same benefits.  


Yoga is great at building natural strength through resistance with your own body weight. When yoga poses, such as warrior and tree pose, are held for long durations, you can gain muscle in your arms, legs and core. 


All the yoga poses are aimed to increase flexibility and stretch out your muscles. You will see your flexibility increase more with yoga than with any other sport. Mobilizing and realigning the body through yoga can even help prevent avoidable injuries


When you're lifting weights explosively, you activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers. In yoga, by moving slowly and holding poses for a long time, you activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers. It is important to maintain a balance between the two. 


The slow-twitch muscle fibers that are exercised and activated during yoga also build endurance. Endurance requires equal parts mental and physical strength. Yoga also helps with concentration.  


Yoga focuses immensely on breathing. Bringing your attention to your breath and dropping all other thoughts from your mind  without a doubt helps you release stress. 


Yoga has many restorative powers. It is a break from the constant pounding on your joints. Poses, such as child's pose and down dog, will develop and maintain a sense of space in your hips and lower back. 


To be able to hold poses perfectly for a long time, you must become very aware of all the sensations in your body. It requires all of your focus and energy.

Yoga requires all the same mental-toughness required to play a sport. Besides it being exercise and having so many health benefits, it also helps prevent injuries when you are on the field playing contact sports or just in the gym. So grab a buddy and book a yoga class near you!