I don't care what anyone says, Dairy Queen is life, and even if you think you’ve sampled all of the fast food chain’s offerings, the Dairy Queen secret menu is here to upgrade your Blizzards, drinks (hello, shakes and Misty Slush), cheeseburgers, Dilly Bars, and more.

Just because your favorite seasonal ice cream isn’t on the menu anymore doesn’t mean you can’t customize something similar. DQ has a variety of candies, mix-ins, syrups, toppings, dips, and flavors to make the Blizzard of your dreams. The DQ hacks are limitless. We've scoured Instagram, TikTok, and Dairy Queen Reddit threads — and even added in a few of our own Spoon-approved creations — to compile the ultimate Dairy Queen Secret Menu.

Here are 77 Dairy Queen secret menu items (including 44 secret menu DQ Blizzards) to try on your next Dairy Queen run.

Dairy Queen Blizzards Secret Menu

1. Birthday Cake:

To make a Blizzard fit for a celebration, start with vanilla soft serve, add cookie dough, rainbow sprinkles, and vanilla syrup. Birthday candles not included.

2. Caramel Pie Delight

Caramel lovers, rejoice. Mix chocolate chunks, pie pieces, fudge, and caramel into vanilla soft serve for a chocolate turtle pie-inspired Blizzard.

3. Sugar Cookie

Enjoy a sugar cookie without turning on the oven by mixing a vanilla soft serve with vanilla syrup, sprinkles, marshmallow, and pie chips.

4. French Silk Pie

Make a Blizzard inspired by a silky chocolate pie by mixing vanilla soft serve, pie pieces, cocoa fudge, and chocolate chunks.

5Puppy Chow

Puppy Chow is a delicious treat typically made with Chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Make a Puppy Chow Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, DQ’s graham base, graham pieces, cocoa fudge, peanut butter. Blend it up and top with whipped cream.

6Chocolate Cheesecake

This decadent secret menu Blizzard is made with vanilla soft serve, cocoa fudge, cheesecake pieces, and added chocolate chunks.

7Raspberry Cheesecake

Upgrade a creamy classic by adding raspberry syrup and cheesecake pieces to vanilla soft serve before blending.

8. New York Cheesecake

Sub out raspberry syrup for strawberry preserves and add cheesecake bits to make a Blizzard fit for The Big Apple.

9. Cookie Jar Blizzard

Vanilla soft serve, with Oreo, cookie dough, hot fudge

10Kit Kat with Caramel and Banana

This secret menu hack doesn’t have a fancy title, but it’s a Canadian customer’s favorite custom order, according to DQ employee Morgann Book. Just order a blizzard with Kit Kat pieces, caramel, and sliced banana.

11. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The best bowl of cereal, change my mind. Order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, pie pieces, and snickerdoodle base.

12. Key Lime Pie

Enjoy a Key Lime Pie in Blizzard form by ordering vanilla soft serve, mixed with Lemon-Lime Misty Slush syrup, graham base, pie pieces. Blend and top with whipped cream, just like a slice of pie.

13. Butterbeer

It’s a Blizzard, Harry! Enjoy a treat fit for a wizard by ordering vanilla soft serve with butterscotch cone dip, caramel, and Butterfinger pieces, and topped with whipped cream.

14. PB&J

A DQ secret menu take on a classic combo: order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, strawberry, and peanut butter, plus pie chips to make it just like the sandwich in your childhood lunchbox.

15. Tiramisu

A DQ employee invented this combo reminiscent of the iconic Italian dessert: start with vanilla soft serve, and pie chips, cheesecake pieces, coffee syrup, and cocoa fudge.

16Banana Cream Pie

Regardless of its classification as pie or pudding, this delicious Banana Cream Pie-inspired Blizzard consists of vanilla soft serve, sliced banana, pie chips, graham base, and of course, whipped cream on top.

17. Peanut M&M

This Blizzard is a deconstructed take on the iconic candy: mix M&M’s and whole peanuts into vanilla soft serve and blend.

18. Peanut Butter M&M

If you also agree that Peanut Butter M&M’s are superior to the OG Peanut, try a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, M&M’s, and peanut butter syrup.

19. Oreo Cotton Candy

Arguably the most nostalgic blizzard of them all. Add Oreo pieces and cotton candy syrup to vanilla soft serve and blend to get two of the best childhood treats into one perfectly acceptable adult blizzard.

20. Nutella

Order a Blizzard with hazelnut base and cocoa fudge to enjoy the delectable spread in ice cream form.

21Toffee Crunch

Toffee is so underrated, IMO. Give the combo the love it deserves by ordering a Blizzard with chocolate & vanilla twist soft serve, coffee syrup, and Heath Bar pieces.

22Thin Mint

Why limit Girl Scout Cookie season to the spring? Satisfy your Thin Mint craving year-round with vanilla soft serve, Oreo base, chocolate chunks, and mint syrup.

23Caramel Mocha

Caramel? Check. Coffee? Check. Chocolate? Check. Just order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, coffee syrup, caramel, and chocolate chunks for an upgraded version of your favorite coffee order.

24Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch

Another take on a bowl of cereal, this time for the peanut butter lovers. Order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, peanut butter, and crunch coat.

25Cosmic Brownie

Amp-up the nostalgia with a Little Debbie-approved Blizzard made with vanilla soft serve, brownie dough, cocoa fudge, and rainbow sprinkles.

26Lemon Meringue Pie

This creamy, refreshing Blizzard is made with vanilla soft serve, lemonade concentrate, pie pieces, marshmallow, graham base, and graham cracker crumbs, and topped with whipped cream.

27. Pina Colada

Get your island on by combining crushed pineapple and coconut into a Blizzard with a vanilla soft serve base.

28Cookie Monster

Take a trip down Sesame Street with a vanilla soft serve Blizzard with Oreos, cookie dough, and blue cotton candy cone dip. None for Rocco!

29Grasshopper Mousse

Mix whipped cream into a vanilla soft serve with mint syrup, graham cracker base, chocolate chunks for an extra fluffy, mousse-like Blizzard inspired by Grasshopper Pie. And, of course, top with more whipped cream.

30Coconut Cream Pie

Add coconut, marshmallow sauce, and pie chips to vanilla soft serve for a Blizzard inspired by Coconut Cream Pie.

31Ferrero Rocher

Nothing quite hits like a Ferrero Rocher truffle. Recreate the decadent, crunchy, nutty chocolate treat with a Blizzard made with chocolate and vanilla twist soft serve, hazelnut base, walnuts, chopped peanuts, and added cocoa fudge, if desired.

32Chunky Monkey

Ben & Jerry’s who? Enjoy Chunky Monkey the DQ way by ordering a Blizzard with sliced banana, Spanish nuts, and hard dipping chocolate.

33Fruity Pebbles

Another cereal-inspired Blizzard, this time for fans of Fruity Pebbles. Just order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, DQ’s Fruity Blast cone dip, and fruit cereal.

34Oreo Hot Cocoa

This discontinued Blizzard is simple to recreate: just order a blizzard with Oreos and cocoa fudge.


A deceptively simple, yet absolutely delicious candy bar. Cash out with a Blizzard made with vanilla soft serve, Spanish peanuts, and caramel.

36Trail Mix

Hit the trails with a Blizzard made with vanilla soft serve and mixed with M&M’s, spanish peanuts, and chocolate chunks.


Enjoy the best part of a campfire with an ooey-gooey Blizzard made with vanilla soft serve, graham base, marshmallow topping, and cocoa fudge. Bonus points if you tell ghost stories while eating it.

38Reese’s Outrageous

Eat 'em up!! Make this outrageous Blizzard (which was a seasonal offering in 2019) with Reese's pieces, caramel topping, peanut butter, cookie dough.

39Butter Pecan

A little sweet, a little savory. This Blizzard calls for vanilla soft serve and pecans, plus a secret ingredient: butter from DQ’s pretzel sticks.


Another Girl Scout Cookie-inspired Blizzard. Just ask for a Twix Blizzard and add chocolate cone dip and coconut.

41. Tropical Sunrise

Travel to the tropics with a Blizzard made with sliced banana, coconut, and pineapple. You can ask for guava, too, but not all DQ’s have it!

42Wonder Woman Cookie Collision

Recreate this discontinued favorite from the summer of 2020 menu with soft serve, cookie dough, brownie dough, and hot fudge

43Mud Pie

Make a Mud Pie Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, fudge, coffee syrup,and cake crunch (yes, as in the chocolate crunchies in the middle of DQ’s ice cream cakes!).


Order a Blizzard with chocolate fudge, malt powder, and cake crunchies for a treat that tastes just like a chocolate Whopper.

Dairy Queen Sundaes Secret Menu

45Ultimate Cotton Candy Sundae

Order a vanilla soft serve sundae topped with cotton candy syrup and cotton candy sprinkles.

46. Jack & Jill

Recreate the (discontinued) Jack & Jill – a DQ classic – by ordering a "hot fudge and marshmallow sundae.”

47Dirty Rotten Sundae

Just like the Cup O’Dirt you had at your childhood birthday parties, this “Dirty Rotten” sundae features chocolate soft serve, Heath Bar pieces, cocoa fudge, Oreo crumbs, and strawberry topping. And would it be a Cup O’Dirt without gummy worms and whipped cream?

48Chocolate Pineapple

This employee favorite is so simple and oh so good: add pineapple and hot fudge to vanilla soft serve.

49. Throwback Fiesta Sundae

This throwback sundae features vanilla soft serve, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and crushed nuts.

50Brownie Oreo Cupfection

This soft serve sundae features marshmallow topping, cocoa fudge, brownie bits, and Oreo pieces.

51Triple Chocolate Utopia

Order a sundae and add dark chocolate cocoa fudge, brownies and chocolate chunks both on top of and underneath your choice of soft serve.

52Chocolate Rock

A Chocolate Rock sundae features a layer of hot fudge and almonds on the bottom of a large sundae dish, plus ice cream, and topped with hot fudge, almonds, and lastly, a chocolate cone dip.

53DQ Cupcake

Fun fact: you can get a personal-sized DQ ice cream cake, aka a DQ cupcake! Just order a “DQ cupcake” for a mini sundae made with layers of soft serve, fudge center, cake crunch, more soft serve, and topped with icing.

Dairy Queen Secret Menu Shakes

54Cotton Candy

A fairground favorite, in milkshake form. Just order a milkshake with cotton candy dip and cotton candy sprinkles.

55Strawberry Banana

Achieve a classic combo with a vanilla milkshake with strawberry and sliced banana, blended and topped with whipped cream.

56Birthday Cake

Have an even happier birthday by ordering a shake with twist soft serve, fudge, cake crunch, rainbow sprinkles, and topped with whipped cream.

57. Chunky Monkey Shake

Just like the Chunky Monkey Blizzard, but in a milkshake form. Order a chocolate shake and add sliced banana, and swap out whole peanuts for creamy peanut butter.

58. Shamrock Shake

Who says Shamrock Shakes are limited to McDonald’s, or the month of March? Grab one year-round from DQ by ordering a vanilla milkshake and adding mint syrup.

59Brownie Batter

The best part of baking is the batter. Order a shake with cocoa fudge and brownie pieces, and top it with whipped cream for a brownie batter-inspired drink.

60Cake Batter

Like we said, the batter is the best part. If you aren’t a fan of brownies, order a marshmallow shake with vanilla syrup and sprinkles for a cake-inspired shake. Top it with whipped cream for “icing.”

61Cinnamon Roll

Mix Snickerdoodle base into a vanilla milkshake topped with whipped cream to create a secret menu shake inspired by a cozy cinnamon roll.

62Parent Trap

Inspired by the iconic combo from The Parent Trap, this secret menu shake features milk and vanilla soft serve with peanut butter and Oreos.

Dairy Queen Food Secret Menu

63Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

Move over, Auntie Anne’s. Hack the DQ snack menu by cutting pretzels in half, and add butter and snickerdoodle base.

64. Cheesy Pretzels

If you prefer something savory, ask for your pretzel sticks to be warmed up with a slice of cheese on top.

65. S’mores Soft Pretzels

An ode to the campfire classic that’s perfectly sweet and salty. Cut pretzel sticks in half, and add graham base and butter. Top with marshmallow and hard dipping chocolate.

66Cheeseburger Fries

Top your DQ fries with cheese, lettuce, chili, pickles, and ketchup for a deconstructed burger.

67. Triple Cheeseburger

Although the triple cheeseburger is no longer on the menu at Dairy Queen, you should have no problems at all ordering a 3x3 given that they should have extra patties and cheese on hand. If for whatever reason they can’t accommodate your request, you can order DQ’s ⅓ pound double cheeseburger and a regular cheeseburger and make the triple on your own.

68. Grilled Cheese

Though it’s not officially on the menu, you can ask your DQ employee to make a grilled cheese sandwich using Texas toast and cheese.

Dairy Queen Secret Menu Chillers, Slushies, Smoothies, and Coolers

69Jolly Rancher

Make a hard candy-inspired freeze by making five separate freezes: mix each flavor of Misty Slush (cherry, lemon-lime, watermelon, mango, blue raspberry, strawberry-kiwi) with vanilla soft-serve and layer in a large cup to make a Jolly Rancher freeze.

70Lemonade Chiller

A creamy take on frozen lemonade. Just mix lemonade concentrate and vanilla soft-serve for a refreshing, creamy drink perfect for summer.

71Strawberry Lemonade Chiller

It’s not an official menu item, but it sure is simple: just add strawberry syrup and lemonade concentrate to a Misty Slush for a fruity, refreshing frozen drink.

72Cherry Lemonade Chiller

Just like the Strawberry Lemonade, but substitute strawberry with cherry syrup with your lemonade slush.

73Mango Tango Smoothie

Make two separate smoothies using mango syrup and strawberry-kiwi blended with ice. Layer in a large cup for a tropical smoothie that tastes as good as it looks.

74Frozen Coffee

Skip the Starbucks run and head straight to DQ for a frozen coffee made with coffee syrup, vanilla syrup, vanilla soft serve, and whipped cream.

#SpoonTip: Add cocoa fudge to make it a mocha!

75Frozen Hot Chocolate

A refreshing take on a cozy classic: just mix cocoa fudge and vanilla soft serve into Misty Slush.

76. Creamsicle Cooler

Mix orange juice and vanilla ice cream for an orange creamsicle-inspired chiller.

77Boston Cooler

Though you wouldn’t know from its name, this drink originated in Detroit, MI, and was named after the city’s Boston Boulevard — not the capital of Massachusetts. Make a Boston Cooler at DQ by blending vanilla soft serve with ginger ale.