Believe it or not, it’s ridiculously easy to satisfy your sweet tooth with absolutely no dairy or eggs — and we rounded up 30 easy vegan desserts to prove it.

Whether it’s a vegan version of an American classic or an updated quintessential childhood treat, this recipe round-up includes delectable desserts without any animal products. Don’t worry, though, these simple and easy recipes don't require a laundry list of specialty ingredients, let alone ingredients you don’t necessarily want in your dessert (looking at you, chickpeas). In fact, many of these recipes can be made with a few pantry staples, and less than an hour of your time.

Plus, there’s no need to be vegan to enjoy these delicious, plant-based desserts. Not only do they taste like the real thing, easy swaps and pantry ingredients will please any meat-eating dessert lover. There’s a vegan option waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter what you’re craving: light and fruity, rich and decadent, or classic and nostalgic. Here are the best recipes for plant-based, vegan-friendly desserts that don’t sacrifice flavor or texture.

1. Ama's Banana Bread

This banana bread is rich, gooey, and a satisfying breakfast or snack. It comes together with pantry ingredients and just four steps, and is even better the next day.

Kennedy Dierks

2. Tahini and Almond Cookies by Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons features Tahini cookies that are soft and chewy, with a lightly sweet, a little nutty, and warmly spiced flavor. Plus, these tahini cookies are a totally acceptable breakfast: not only are they vegan and gluten-free, they’re naturally sweetened with a boost of antioxidants thanks to the pomegranate topping.

3. Chocolate Bark by A Couple Cooks

This dessert is sweet and salty, with a smooth, shiny sheen on the chocolate and just the right crisp crunch when you bite into it. A Couple Cooks used cranberries, pistachios, coconut and sea salt for the toppings, but it’s totally customizable based on your preferences.

4. Strawberry Rhubarb Bars by Minimalist Baker

10 basic ingredients comprise this simple recipe that’s perfect for spring and summer. A graham cracker-esque crust topped with super fruity, tart-sweet filling and crunchy oat crumble makes for a delicious treat that’s easily adaptable with whatever fruit is in season.

5. Oatmeal Cookies by World of Vegan

Not only are these oatmeal cookies practically foolproof and easy to make, the dough is easily balled up and stored in the freezer so that fresh-baked cookies are always just minutes away.

6. Blood Orange & Olive Oil Shortbread by Prevention

Who says you need butter for a perfectly crumbly, decadent shortbread? This version is made with olive oil and features slightly savory, grassy notes that make its citrus notes even more delightful.

7. Chocolate Tart with Salted Oat Crust by Claire Saffitz

Originally featured in Epicurious, this decadent tart is easily made with any bittersweet baking bar — just double-check the label to make sure the chocolate is completely dairy-free.

8. Scotcheroo Bars

Scotcheroo bars are a Midwest classic that almost put standard rice cereal treats to shame thanks to their peanut butter-chocolate-butterscotch combo.

Olivia Heitz

P.S. Brand-name Rice Krispies aren’t vegan, but generic crispy rice cereal from brands such as Trader Joe’s or Nature’s Path are vegan.

9. Deep Dish Apple Pie from Food Network

Swap butter with extra-virgin coconut oil in both the pie dough and the apple filling to make this all-American fruit pie vegan-friendly. Food Network recommends using a mix of apples for the filling: Golden Delicious apples keep their shape and are a nice contrast to the soft McIntoshes, while Granny Smiths add a nice tartness.

10. Carrot Cake by The Curious Chickpea

This moist and tender carrot cake is studded with walnuts and laced with cinnamon and warming spices for a perfect sweet treat! It’s easy to make and just happens to be vegan. A light layer of vegan cream cheese frosting finishes it off for a dessert that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

11. Roasted Pears with Salted Caramel from Good Housekeeping

Caramel is sometimes made with heavy cream, but this dairy-free topping is made with coconut cream instead — not that you would know.

12. 2-Ingredient Chia Seed Pudding

The only thing better than dessert is dessert for breakfast. This three ingredient chia seed pudding is packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and omega-3s to keep you satiated and energized. Top it with fruit, vegan granola, or chopped nuts to add extra sweetness and texture.

13. Edible Cookie Dough by Feel Good Foodie

Hot Take: eating raw cookie dough is the best part of baking. Skip to the good part with this recipe from Feel Good Foodie, which uses vegan ingredients to make it perfect for immediate consumption.

14. Kourtney Kardashian’s No-Bake Oatmeal Fudgies

Vegan oatmeal fudgies FTW. The sweet dessert is light, rich, satisfying, and easy to make. The tidbits of coconut, oats, and chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth on a cozy winter night and taste even better the next day.

15. Key Lime Pie Bars by All The Healthy Things

These easy no-bake key lime pie bars are a dairy-free, lower sugar version of traditional key lime pie. The creamy filling is made with tart lime juice and a touch of maple syrup, and poured on a delicious no-bake cookie crust.

16. Best Ever Blondies by The Big Man's World

Blondies are considered a cocoa-less version of brownies, often with a more gooey texture. Vegan versions usually include chickpeas, but this recipe sticks to ingredients such as sugar and flour while maintaining a fudgy interior texture with a gorgeous tender exterior.

17. Vegan Cheesecake by Nora Cooks

This cheesecake is light, creamy and smooth; easy to make; and doesn’t need a high powered blender (looking at you, cashew cheesecake). Be sure to double check the ingredients for the graham crackers or cookies used in the crust, as not all are made vegan.

18. Double Chocolate Mug Cake by Pick Up Limes

You can have your vegan cake and eat it, too, thanks to this recipe from Pick Up Limes. Quickly make a delicious single-serving chocolate cake, with minimal effort and even less clean-up required.

19. Rabri by Vegan Richa

Rabri is a thick, creamy Indian milk pudding that makes for a quick and impressive dessert. This vegan rabri recipe is made with nut milk rather than dairy, and warmly spiced with cardamom and saffron.

20. Mango Sticky Rice by Epicurious

Known as Khao Niaow Ma Muang, this classic Thai dessert is traditionally vegan and so simple. It’s sweet and refreshing, easy to make, and perfect for a hot summer’s day.

21. Copycat Milk Bar Birthday Cake Truffles by Justine Snacks

Given the amount of waste in a commercial bakery, Milk Bar truffles originated as a way to use leftover scraps of cake in the Milk Bar bakery. The original birthday truffles use cake scraps and vanilla milk, coated in white chocolate and then a sugary flour “sand.” 

Justine’s vegan version has all the same aspects – soft chewy dough, sandy coating, sweet interior – but with half of the effort.

22. No-Churn Chocolate Ice Cream by Chez Jorge

You may remember vegan fusion chef Jorge from Reel Round-Up, and his dessert recipes are just as delightful. His recipe for decadent chocolate ice cream comes together with the help of two unexpected ingredients, and is perfect for lazy chocoholics

23. Apple Strudel by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Strudel is a classic dessert in central Europe, and this vegan take on the holiday favorite is filled with baked apples and cinnamon. Break tradition and serve it warm with a scoop of vegan ice cream for a delicious contrast of hot and cold.

24. 6-ingredient Lemon Cake by The Vegan 8

This recipe for vegan lemon cake includes just six ingredients and only 10 minutes to prep. Despite the lack of oil (or specialty vegan butter), it is incredibly light, fluffy, moist and most importantly, delicious.

25. Coconut Lime Ice Cream Pie by Food52

Zesty lime, macerated strawberries, and an extra thick graham cracker crust makes this coconut milk-based ice cream pie a home run for any summer gathering. Just double check that your graham crackers are vegan. And, if you’re short on time, any pre-made vegan ice cream can do the trick.

26. Apple Cake with Maple Glaze by Well Vegan

A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of maple glaze take this apple cider cake to the next level. It’s the absolute perfect fall dessert recipe to share after a day of apple picking or for any autumn celebration.

27. Brownies by AllRecipes

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need for chickpeas or cashews to make delicious, fudgy, vegan brownies. These gooey brownies come together with pantry ingredients and just fifteen minutes of your time.

28. Spiced Cashew Coconut Brittle by Martha Stewart

This six-ingredient brittle combines roasted cashews and coconut flakes in cinnamon syrup for a treat that’s a little sweet, a little salty, and a little spicy.

29. Funfetti Cake by The Conscious Plant Kitchen

Kick up the nostalgia factor with this take on a colorful birthday classic. Double check that your store-bought rainbow sprinkles are vegan, or make your own with this simple recipe from Gretchen’s Vegan Kitchen.

30. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies by Purely Kaylie

These classic cookies are crispy on the outside yet soft, chewy, and oh-so-gooey in the center. This vegan cookie recipe is made with pantry staples and easy-to-follow instructions making it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for vegans and non-vegans alike.