Professional chefs, food bloggers, and home cooks alike have all found a home with Instagram Reels and the Reels Explore page, which provides a new(ish) tool to showcase their culinary skill and interact with followers on a more intimate level. Content creators have jumped on the many trends, kitchen hacks, and foodie must-haves that social media has to offer, and continue to use Instagram as a “home base” to share photos AND videos while growing their community thanks to the Instagram Explore page.

Here are eight Instagrammers whose Reels I’ve recently stumbled across and can’t stop watching:

1. @justine_snacks

Healthyish, but chill about it” is Justine’s motto, and it sums up her Reels perfectly. Followers — whom she’s lovingly dubbed her “sweet potats” — love Justine’s friendly, authentic Reels, slang-filled voiceovers, and behind the scenes anecdotes that focus on how FUN food and recipe development can be.

2. @maxthemeatguy

Jerky, barbeque, brisket, roasts: if it’s meat, Mike’s got a Reel for it! Max “lives for cooking over fire” and his page features tips, experiments, recipes, and ratings.

3. @workweeklunch

Talia started meal prepping in college to save money and ensure her body was getting the nutrition it needed to live a busy, happy life. Today, Work Week Lunch features Reels showcasing different themed meal preps and recipes (think camping, no-cooking, budget-friendly, etc.) so that her subscribers can lead a balanced, well-fed life.

4. @lifebymikeg

Founder of “Pro Home Cooks,” Mike seeks to empower amateur chefs by teaching foundational cooking skills. Mike’s Reels include recreations of restaurant meals, trials and taste tests, and cooking science to transform the average microwave-connoisseur into a professional home chef.

5. @jimseven

Jim knows a thing or two about java, and his coffee-centric Instagram Reels prove it. From espresso drinks to coffee trivia to must-have equipment, Jim’s Instagram is any caffeine addict’s minimalist dream.

6. @chez.jorge

Inspired by his time in Paris in culinary school, Chez Jorge introduces the idea of “being at the home of George” —- and Chef George’s videos feel like you’re watching a friend in their cozy kitchen. George teaches his followers step-by-step as he reimagines the Taiwanese dishes of his childhood, making them 100% plant-based.

7. @chetnamakan

It’s nearly impossible not to get sucked into Chetna’s feed thanks to the stunning visuals as she makes delicious, often kid-friendly American meals with Indian influence and flair (think Tandoori fried chicken sandwiches and Paneer with Peas pot pie).

8. @traces_oats

As Trace puts it, “perfect has seven letters, and so does oatmeal.” His Reels aren’t limited to oats, though. With a focus on wellness and food as fuel, Trace’s page features Fuel Days of Eats (a play on TikTok’s “Full Day of Eating” recap videos) as a cross country runner; recipes; and of course, the many ways to cook, top, and enjoy oatmeal.

I hope this list helps you find your foodie muse! Or, at the bare minimum, gives you more material to procrastinate with the rest of the week…Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you, dreaming about the macchiatos, tri-tip sandwiches, and oat bowls of the weekend.