Oh, Martha Stewart…Where do we begin? The culinary goddess has tirelessly proven herself successful through her shows, cookbooks and magazines, but if there’s one thing the woman hasn’t figured out it’s social media.

After her food photo fiasco back in 2013 (#neverforget her perfection salad) we all had high hopes for Martha. Dreaming that one day soon she would learn to jump on the bandwagon of nicely lit foodstagrams and carefully crafted food-centric tweets. And things started looking up, on her instagram at least, but her Twitter game could use some help (or at least spell check). For now, let it be our entertainment.

1. The time she voiced the burning question of our generation: What is Justin Bieber’s favorite roasted meat dish?

2. The time she called attention to a very serious problem

3. The time she (maybe) tried to start a conspiracy theory

4. The time she made sure her followers were informed citizens

5. The time she put spellcheck on her blacklist and questioned the utility of her fingertips

6. The time she realized how FUN Twitter really was!

7. The time she forgot how to spell and count all at once

8. The time she pretty much summed up how you feel everyday

Martha, your internet presence is a thing of beauty, never stop doing you.


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